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We cover everything from technology training to skill set development to team building to board meeting facilitation.

We work on upskilling and equipping students, young professionals and emerging talent with insights and tools to enable them to decide on and excel in their careers amidst the ‘new normal’.

We also provide workshops to support leaders in defining the relevant new work models for their organisation, aligning their digital strategy with their business objectives and motivating their team to work together in any setup.

We can act as facilitators for board meetings or any type of meeting leading to major decisions related to the organization working models and internal processes.

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Our Courses
Course 1: Excel in distributed settings

Format: online, synchronous & asynchronous
No of sessions: 3 x 2 hour sessions
Duration: 6 hours total, delivered in 1-3 days.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that remote work is here to stay. This course helps young professionals, students or emerging talent learn how to thrive in distributed settings. We will cover the tools, tips, tricks and insights to ensure that they excel in their roles and learn how to meaningfully contribute, collaborate, communicate and promote a healthy culture in hybrid, remote or flexible work settings.

What you will learn

Mindsets: Life after university


The leap from classroom to (virtual) offices can be a stretch. We help you with key mindset changes to do this easier and faster

Tools, etiquette and everything in between

Different companies may use different tools (apps) to do the same things, but they share common etiquette. We cover how to get the best out of these tools.

The art and value of feedback


The best teams know how to give and receive feedback. We teach the how, why and value of meaningful feedback in distributed settings.

Using rituals to understand culture


Rituals are an easy way to maintain and nurture culture. We’ll cover their importance, how to identify and, introduce relevant team rituals.

Networking and building relationships

Create meaningful connections with colleagues can be daunting, we’ll teach you how to internally network particularly with those outside your direct ‘team’.

Company Culture & Dynamics


Learn about different corporate cultures and how to ask relevant questions to find out yours and navigate it effectively.

Course 2: Landing a job remotely

Format: online, synchronous & asynchronous
No of sessions: 3 x 2 hour sessions
Duration: 6 hours total, delivered in 1-3 days.

This course explores networking, personal branding, CV writing and interview preparation to equip job seekers with the knowledge and skills needed to identify the right opportunity for them and pursue it remotely while touching on all aspects of the hiring process. We will cover the jobs of the future, which internships can help you land the job of your dreams, networking in the era of social distancing and how the A-Z’s of hiring are different in today’s post-pandemic world.

What you will learn

Adapt your CV for remote roles

We’ll cover the edits and tips to modify your CV to showcase your
remote-work readiness.

Find the right job for you

Aligning your values, passions, skills and experience to identify the relevant job for you.

Become a remote interview pro

Learn how to nail remote interviews and improve your candidacy for the job you are after.

Build your network online


Harness the power of connections and learn how to build, maintain and leverage your digital network.

Get your internships right


We’ll help you identify the internships that help you with your career goals & teach you to maximize the impact of your internship experience.

Build your personal brand


Identify the traits of your personal brand, learn how to build an identity and grow your presence.

Our Other Courses

Design Thinking Course & Workshop


The basics, mindsets, process, and tools to solve challenges with design thinking.

Strategy in the age of digital disruption

Basic strategy frameworks to understand the context and competitive landscapes in which businesses operate.

Scrum & Agile Methodologies


Overview of agile methodologies. Deep- dive into SCRUM artifacts, events, and personas.

Persuasion & Behavioral Econ.


Making and influencing decisions. Principles of persuasion and rhetoric in marketing and communications.

Strategic Communication


Developing and managing a strategic communication campaign from objective to implementation.

Email & Presentation 101


The art of communication in writing emails, storytelling within presentations internally and externally.

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