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The Omnichannel Leader Program

The Omnichannel Leader Program is a 10 to 12 weeks engagement where we create a customized program for your organization leaders and cover a spectrum of hard and soft skills  to help them manage hybrid and distributed teams across time zones and cultural distances. 

Meet the Omnichannel Leader

Omnichannel Leader Program | Cosmic Centaurs

Leaders today have to develop new skills to be able to run hybrid and distributed teams efficiently. They need to adapt their management and leadership style to the new world of work.

From gaining new technical skills to establishing psychological safety in the workplace, leaders need to get up to speed quickly in order to keep their teams engaged and performing.

The Program

Our Omnichannel Leaders program is designed for Managers and C-suite Executives who are leading distributed teams.

In this program, we can tackle:

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Leadership & Alignment

Develop, document and share the vision, strategy, and culture of the organization.

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Flexible Work Models 

Find the best working models for your teams & increase flexibility.

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Enhance collaboration and communication inside their teams / organizations.


Manage hybrid/virtual teams for high performance.

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Psychological Safety 

Build trust & cohesion among team members. Manage conflict virtually.


Change Management

Implement lasting sustainable change in a distributed setting.

Note: This not an exhaustive list. Other topics can be added based on the needs of your organization.


How It Works

We will prepare a training program for each leader based on their specific areas of development. Each leader will have access to:

3 collective 2-hours workshops

around themes we identify as commonly needed by most leaders on the team.

A private 

1-hour session 

every 2 weeks focused on areas of improvement related to her specific needs.


and reading lists focused on their areas of development.

Contact Us

Book your free online consultation.  Send us a message with your preferred date and time and we'll get right back to you.

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