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Blueprint for Growth

Measure the agility and flexibility of your organization.

A diagnostic survey and workshop where we assess your ways of working using our proprietary Omnichannel Organization™ model, and prescribe changes to improve your team or organization's collaboration, cohesion, processes and culture.  


Office Redesign

We help you rethink your workspace design to increase engagement, improve productivity, and optimize spend

Let us help you make the right decisions about your office footprint while positively impacting collaboration, engagement, and financials.  


Cosmic Conversations

Have meaningful conversations with your team

Each of the 52 prompts in our deck will help you discover more about your colleagues, spark compelling conversations, and bring you closer together. Pick up a Cosmic Conversation to kick off your next all-hands meeting, during an upcoming team ritual or while having a casual (virtual) coffee!

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Team Building

Come together for a moment of celebration, connection, and reflection.

We will create space for your team members to share more about themselves and use this newfound knowledge to create stronger and more cohesive teams with higher levels of solidarity. 

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Stay connected with your distributed team.

Aion helps create meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging for your teammates by creating opportunities for them to share and learn about each other. All of our features, from the daily mood tracker to the profiles, are designed to help teams develop a sense of shared understanding. 

The future of work is Omnichannel. 

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Download our worksheets for individuals & teams to help you manage your workspace, facilitate retrospectives or perfect your tech stack.
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We are curious and we believe in sharing what we learn with the world 

Ritual Bank

​If your team or company is looking for rituals to help with performance, cohesion or communication, visit our ritual bank for inspiration.



Download our worksheets for individuals & teams to help you manage your workspace, facilitate retrospectives or perfect your tech stack. 


Cosmic Conference

Our virtual conference series explores the future of work & learning. We held two editions so far with 1000+ attendees, 12 live sessions, 40 speakers, and endless insights.


Centaur Stage

Our weekly live video series is hosted by Marilyn, and features some incredible guests, sharing insights, opinions and perspectives about how we work and learn.

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