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(Re)Designing your Business
for the Digital Age

 We co-create an Omnichannel experience for all your users with your teams by designing a holistic, digital-first journey that is true to your brand. 

Our Approach

Building successful digital experiences relies on developing Omnichannel brands and integrated customer experiences, cultivating deeper relationships with all users, not just your customers. Our team has over 20 years experience in designing digital strategies, building digital products, scaling online businesses and optimizing digital tools to grow and engage online audiences.



We believe that building successful digital experiences today relies on cultivating deeper relationships with all users, not just your customers.  Our approach is thorough and insight-driven. We use human-centric, Design Thinking principles and methodologies to research, analyze and develop the strategy to define your brand and  create seamless digital products and experiences. We do all of this in partnership with your own teams, making them owners of the brand & product decisions from day one. 

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We work with your teams to shape product strategy, identify the right implementation partners and oversee the rollout of a project using Agile methodologies. We set up the rich mechanisms to collect data about your products and use these insights to iterate and maintain user centricity. We also train your teams on the basics of product management, project management, growth hacking and digital strategy development. 

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Whether you want to expand your user base, make more meaningful connections with your customers or upskill your team, we can help scale your digital experiences. We work with your teams and agency partners to develop and implement data-driven marketing and communication plans and go-to-market strategies. We also work with teams optimize your internal Mar/Comms operations.  

What We Can Help You Achieve


Build a digital native brand that resonates with your audience

+ Brand Definition & Brand Key

+ Brand Identity

+ Brand Positioning

Value Proposition 

Develop your unique  promise of value


+ Competitive Landscape & Market Research

+ Customers & Customer Benefits

+ Reasons to believe & USP

Digital Channels

Connect with your audience on the right channel

+ Distribution Channels

+ Communication Channels

+ Service Channels


Build a truly omnichannel experience

+ Digital Products Design & Development

+ Pricing & Revenue Model

+ Performance Analysis & Assessment

Our Services

Digital Brand Strategy
We help you create and document your digital brand strategy by defining elements such as target audience, benefits, personality, essence, identity, tone of voice, etc. We can create an RFP and oversee the process of hiring a Branding agency to execute the brand creation.

Product Management
We can act as a Product Manager and support the team in designing and launching your digital product based on the Agile Methodologies. We can intervene at the level of product strategy, project management and go-to-market strategy. We can create an RFP and oversee the process of hiring a Web Development agency.

Business & Execution Plan
Building a strong business plan that will help you get a clear understanding of your objectives, strategies, and financial viability and be more prepared to pitch to investors, receive funding, and achieve long-term success.

Digital Marketing Strategy

From setting up objectives & KPIs to defining your channels strategy and social media calendar, we help you setup your digital marketing strategy to serve your business goals whether it's growing your audience, attracting traffic or driving customer conversions.

Content Strategy
Craft a content strategy that will help you reach new audiences and keep them engaged throughout all the different touchpoints.

Reporting & ROI
Leveraging the power of data to help you evaluate your performance and inform your decisions.


Upskilling & Training
Designing and facilitating workshops and training sessions for your team.

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We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analysing and improving their remote work processes. 

Ritual Bank

Rituals are any activities or habits your team employs to foster culture, collaboration and connectivity. Click through to see our favourite rituals developed by Cosmic Centaurs and our community.  

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