Dhiren Bhatia

Dhiren Bhatia is the founder of Cloudscape Technologies, a team that’s on a mission to enable inventory based businesses, both small and large to simplify operations using modern technology systems. Prior to Cloudscape, Dhiren started his IT career working with investment bankers in a high pressure trading zone environment in Canada. Dhiren grew to serve in management roles for two of the largest financial institutions and he specialized in enabling high-frequency stock traders and investment bankers to leverage the latest in technology solutions that helped grow revenue and reduce costs.

Today, Dhiren works with various clients including the likes of Etihad Airways & Cartier as well as hundreds of small & medium size businesses to leverage the full potential of modern inventory management systems. Dhiren and his team at Cloudscape offer advisory, implementation, training and support services as a foundation to drive digital transformation within businesses for a better end-customer experience. He’s also the founder of the Elevated Entrepreneur Blog & Podcast series where he loves to talk to other business owners and help the entrepreneur community foster ideas and grow together!

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