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The 2022 Cosmic Conference
Sept. 28th - Oct. 19th
(re)Designing the Employee Experience

Good companies focus on Customer Experiences (CX). 

Great companies focus on the Employee Experience (EX).
Epic companies focus on the Omnichannel Human Experience (OHX).

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About our format


A Three Week Conference?

It’s 2022.

The virtual conference is dead and we’re doing things differently.

This year’s 3rd edition of the Cosmic Conference will be a month-long sprint all about the employee experience. It will include in-person and virtual events, synchronous and asynchronous experiences, long and short form content, workshops, networking opportunities and insights and resources.

About our theme

Why the Employee Experience?

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We believe in creating holistic, integrated experiences for teams and individuals to contribute their best work.

In the words of CX specialist and author Ian Golding, “The biggest underlying principle of customer experience is the principle of empathy. But empathy isn't just towards the customer. It has to be towards your employees. If you don't get it right for your people, they won't get it right for your customer.

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Conference Line Up

About our speakers


The conference runs over 3 weeks with one event or piece of content per day and all of our content will be available asynchronously to replay.


We're doing a combination of live events, videos, articles, etc.


So every day you if you find that you have some time to spend learning about EX, you can either watch one of our Linkedin lives  or checkout the content on our website.

Rewatch the live session

Rewatch the Live Sessions

What you will learn about

Internal Comms   .   Employee Engagement   .   Flexible Work   .   Onboarding & Recruitment   .   Upskilling   .   Retention   .   Culture & Values   . Human Connections   .   Organizational Strategy    .   Measurement 

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