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The ideal workplace is…

This article was part of our annual Cosmic Conference series and this year our focus was all about (re)Designing the Employee Experience. From Sept. 28th - Oct. 21st, 2022 we explored all things EX. Check out all conference sessions and insights here.

Every time we end a Cosmic Conference of Centaur Stage live session, we ask our guests a series of rapid-fire questions, so we can learn more about them and their perspectives.

Here’s what the 2022 #CosmicConference guests think the ideal workplace is:

John Preece: A network of spaces available on demand.

Laurel Farrer: Unique to each individual.

Tony Jamous: Designed for the needs of humans.

Scott Armstrong: Psychologically safe.

Dr. Susan R. Vroman: Where you feel comfortable being yourself and able to grow.

Chase Warrington: Flexible.

Adam Booth: Comfortable, enjoyable, and educational.

Jennifer Dunsford: Internet, the beach, and the mountains.

Claudius Boller: Anywhere you want it to be.

Dr. Agustin Chevez: One that nurtures our competitive advantage.

Jonathan Yeo: One where you get to do work that you’re proud of.

Dr. Connie Hadley and: Fun.

Jose Santos: A place where you feel at home, although it’s not.

Breeze Dong: Where we all show up wholeheartedly and can fulfill our potential.

Marilyn Zakhour: Intentional.

Tala Odeh: Where employees feel safe enough to come and deliver.

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