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Have Meaningful Conversations with your Family

With our Cosmic Conversations card deck you can have great conversations with your family and get to know each other like never before.

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About Cosmic Conversations
for Families

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★ New: Digital Edition
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Starting Price: 125 AED / 34 USD

By popular demand, we released a Digital Edition of Cosmic Conversations so you can play with your family wherever you may be.

Bonus: You also get Cosmic Conversations for Teams!

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Cosmic Conversations 
Conversation Starters for Families

A Family game by Cosmic Centaurs 

Cosmic Conversations is a game designed to spark compelling conversations as a family.

Each of the 52 prompts & 6 activities will help you discover more about your family members, spend quality time together, and leave you feeling connected.


Pick up a Cosmic Conversation during dinner time, for your next roadtrip or vacation, or at the next family celebration!

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Who is this for?

Family and Friends

Starting 2 players

Age 6 and above


Why did we create this game?

The first team someone joins is their family and at Cosmic Centaurs we truly believe in the power of great teams. In today's fast-paced world, it may be challenging for working parents to find meaningful ways to engage with their children and have open conversations about important topics. Striking a good balance in one’s life is essential to being a great leader, parent, and individual. After publishing our first prompt card game “Conversation Starters for Teams”, we took what we know about helping build high performing teams and created our “Conversation Starters for Families”.

How to Play?

This deck has 52 playing cards divided into 4 themes: Heroic Humans, Whimsical Worlds, Character Chronicles, and Power Pack.


Depending on the theme, the structure of the cards may change. Some have single questions, others have mirrored questions for kids and parents, and others yet will have an “Ice breaker” and a “Dig deeper” question on them.


6 activity cards are also included to add an extra layer of fun and creativity to your family time.

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At dinner time

Bring our Cosmic Conversations to your dinner table and answer one or more question(s) over a shared meal. Spark meaningful discussions, create an atmosphere of warmth and connection, and keep children and adults away from screens. Use the “Heroic Humans” category to discuss family values or the “Power Pack” to retrospect on how you can improve as a family.

During a long car drive or road trip

This card game is the perfect companion to a long drive, creating a unique opportunity for uninterrupted conversations. Take on a “Power Pack” question to explore how you can make your family unit even stronger or a “Whimsical Worlds” question if you’re in the mood for storytelling and creativity.


For a family member’s birthday

Make someone’s birthday even more extraordinary with the power of heartfelt conversations. Use the “Character Chronicles” category to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special by inviting them to share more about themselves or the “Whimsical Worlds” category for fun and playful conversations.

During family vacations

Whether it's a beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or exploring a new city, use the downtime to connect, reflect, and learn more about each other, ensuring that your vacations are not just about the destinations you explore but also about cultivating love, understanding, and togetherness along the way.


How to Play?
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Cosmic Conversation for Teams

Also Available in Print and Digital Editions!

Have great conversations with your colleagues and get to know each other like never before.

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