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Free Templates, Worksheets and Workshop Outlines

All of our downloadable resources in one place.


Build an organization that thrives.

Offsite Checklist

Create a meaningful & memorable offsite experience and make sure you don't forget a key element of planning and communication.

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 Internal Comms Channels, Cadence, and Ownership

Choose the right communication channels based on your communication goals. Identify the right update frequency and ownership per channel.

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Company Vision and Mission

Make your company mission and vision concrete and transmissible both internally and externally.

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Internal Comms

A holistic, human-centric approach to internal and executive comms to help you create a more aligned, engaged, high-performing, and happier workplace.  


Strategy Management Office

An approach that bridges the gap between strategy development and execution.

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3rd Cosmic Conference Takeaways

A summary of the key insights and takeaways shared in our 3rd Cosmic Conference all about employee experience.

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Outline Key Decisions & Considerations

improve your decision-making when it comes to OKRs, and decide who will roll out your OKRs and how to implement the new measurement methodology.

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Entrepreneurs Organization Leaders Circle Worksheet

A worksheet from the Entrepreneurs Organization Leaders Circle all about building effective leadership teams.

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Internal Comms Survey

Measure the effectiveness of your internal comms efforts across more than 5 key dimensions and identify opportunities for improving your internal comms.

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Communication Guidelines

List your communication & collaboration tools & make your Communication Guidelines explicit.

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Office Redesign

Rethink how your office space contributes to your overall work strategy and create space that supports collaboration, community, and performance.



Bring your values to life through employee engagement and employee experience design at every touchpoint. 


HBR Roundtable Takeaways

A summary of the key insights and takeaways shared in our HBR roundtable all about employee experience.

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Crayon Infiniti  Takeaways

A summary of the key insights and takeaways shared in Crayon Infiniti all about employee experience.


CSR Playbook

Design a meaningful CSR program or initiative, with actionable steps to creating a difference in the world.



Set your team up for success.


Run a Team Retrospective

Help team members consider what aspects of their performance and contributions are meaningful, and where improvements can be made.


Create Team Rituals

Introduce the concept of team rituals and design or identify rituals that can add value to your team's cadence, from retrospectives to team time. 


Uncover your Team Values

Get introduced to 4 frameworks to help you identify your team values and align team members on a shared set of values.


Run an Asynchronous Brainstorm

Establish a clearer direction towards the desired outcome of the brainstorm and give team members the space and time to contribute meaningfully.

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Cosmic Conversations

Cosmic Conversations is a game designed to build happier teams. Each of the 52 prompts & 6 activities will help you discover more about your colleagues, spark compelling conversations, and bring you closer together.


Future of Teams Report

A report that talks all about mutual knowledge, interpersonal connections, and effective communication in teams.


Explore your Team Identity

Explore what aspects of your
identity connect the most with the team and organization’s culture  and uncover how you communicate your identity to others.


What Skills Does Your Strategy Need

Uncover if your team has the capabilities needed to bring your strategy to life


Uncover your Team Dynamics

Identify where you are similar with other team members and where you are different across 3 themes:

✔️ Level of Introversion/Extroversion

✔️ How you manage conflict

✔️The role you play in your team 

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Training and Workshops Catalogue

We offer research backed, user centric, engaging trainings and workshops to give leaders and teams the skills they need
to thrive in the new world of work. 

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Training for Leaders & Managers

We offer research backed, user-centric, engaging training programs to give leaders the skills they need to thrive in the new world of work. 



Unlock your full potential

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Define your Workspace

A worksheet to help you (and those who live with you) in defining the physical and temporal limits of your workspace.


Hand Over Your Workload Effectively

Document your tasks and projects as specifically as possible to help your coworkers know exactly what to do during your leave.  Come back to work knowing your workload has been fully managed!


Reflect on the Past Year

Reflect on the past year on the individual, team, and organizational level.

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Blueprint for an Intentional Summer

Assess the priority of different areas of your work and life, and develop goals on where you want to be.


Document Clear & Comprehensive Meeting Minutes

Document decisions
made during the meeting and clarify accountability & next steps. 


Uncover your Team Values

Get introduced to 4 frameworks to help you identify your team values and align team members on a shared set of values.


Commit to your New Year Resolutions at Work

Document your resolutions and write down detailed and clear steps and timelines to achieve them.

Task Prioritization.png

Prioritizing what Matters

Prioritize your tasks according to their importance and urgency, directing your attention towards what truly matters

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We are curious and we believe in sharing what we learn with the world 

Ritual Bank

​If your team or company is looking for rituals to help with performance, cohesion or communication, visit our ritual bank for inspiration.



Download our worksheets for individuals & teams to help you manage your workspace, facilitate retrospectives or perfect your tech stack. 


Cosmic Conference

Our virtual conference series explores the future of work & learning. We held two editions so far with 1000+ attendees, 12 live sessions, 40 speakers, and endless insights.


Centaur Stage

Our weekly live video series is hosted by Marilyn, and features some incredible guests, sharing insights, opinions and perspectives about how we work and learn.

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