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We Love our Customers

Read the stories of some of our customers to learn how we have helped them build organizations that thrive. 

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       There was profound thinking beyond simply delivering on our request. Unlike many other consulting firms, Cosmic Centaurs pushed us past our initial position on the topic of remote work. We have since succeeded in implementing flexible work models, both with people working at the office and on construction sites.

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Victor Ribeiro
HR Director, 
VINCI Construction Terrassement

 improvements in team connection and collaboration

perceived improvements
in processes

       Cosmic Centaurs work swiftly, are holistic in their approach and are effective project managers, working hand-in-hand with our team to implement the changes they recommended.

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Francis Van Acker

Co-Founder  & CEO DesignRepublic

       Trust the process! It is kind of unusual, so trust the process and lean into the conversation. The topics are new, they’re not simple and if anything I would say take more time.


We had a shorter engagement, we could have spent more time or had multiple sessions with Cosmic Centaurs.


It was a very powerful session in the sense that it opened a lot of doors but we could have probably done more subsequent sessions. Allow yourself and your team the opportunity to have a follow up.

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Loic Moutault

Loic Moutault
CEO, Royal Canin


       Cosmic Centaurs continue to push the team, elevating their ideas and challenging their perspectives and the status quo. They showed the team structured ways of thinking, and helped them develop their thought leadership.

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Omar Najjar

Chief Program Officer, Misk Foundation

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       I felt relaxed in this partnership because I knew you were on top of things and had processes for everything. You really worked on suggesting activities that would fit the theme of the event (collaboration), and also encourage people to get to know each other in a meaningful way. 

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Dara Mouracade

Project Manager, Bloom EMEA


      What makes you unique, is that you have a combination of strategic thinking with on-the-ground experience. You understand marketing

and sales as well as the human side

of organizations, such as culture in a startup environment. That is a rare find.

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Mohamed Abbouri


      When we were on the lookout for a partner, we wanted more than just a consultant; we wanted a team player, someone who got us and our vision. Cosmic Centaurs was a perfect match. To others stepping into this partnership, keep an open mind; the journey with Cosmic Centaurs is as rewarding as the outcomes. Their superpower is their knack for making complex problems look simple and solvable. They truly know how to accelerate your journey, making it fun and collaborative.

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Karim Abourizk

COO & Partner, Wondereight


       We engaged Cosmic Centaurs for the first time to help us revisit our Company Purpose, Values & Brand. This was after a period of significant expansion. The outcome and the interaction was excellent. Cosmic Centaurs are an engaged and informed group of professionals, who also felt like they were part of our team. Happy to be working with them again.

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Khalid Saiduddin.png

Khalid Saiduddin
CEO & Co-Founder, 
Zension Technologies Inc.


       You inspired us to train like you, and to up our game in facilitating entertaining, and engaging trainings!

The team is highly coordinated and collaborative, you run everything seamlessly.

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Haifa Najjar
Portfolio Manager, 
Alfanar Venture Philanthropy

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