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Cosmic Centaurs is a consultancy, training, technology, and insights company helping executives, leaders, managers, and teams, creating happier and more flexible workplaces. 


We focus on improving the collective intelligence of teams, by improving collaboration, resilience and innovation.


We help leaders, HR Professionals, and managers, structure teams, invest in the appropriate technology and training, nurture an organizational culture that is location independent, and make distributed work a competitive advantage.

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Painted Space

As more and more people started to work from home after the 2020 global pandemic, Marilyn our founder began to imagine everyone sat at home,  wearing a work shirt with pyjama bottoms, like corporate centaurs: half office, half couch. 

At the time, Zoom became the primary conferencing tool, and people started changing their backgrounds.

Our Founder particularly loved the outer space background; and that's how Cosmic Centaurs was born

Behind the Name

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Our Philosophy
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Using our tried and tested models and concepts, we help individuals and organizations outline a working model for productivity and engagement, identify and manage digital solutions to propel learning, organizational effectiveness, and professional development.


Our team works with a network of consultants, executives, educators, industry specialists and talent managers to guide clients through this transformation. We oversee all elements of this journey, upskilling teams, nurturing collaboration, advising on the relevant digital investments, and creating a culture to embrace change.

Our agility allows us to quickly and effectively future - proof our clients while solving for the challenges of tomorrow.

We are a thinking and implementation partner for executives that want to build flexible and agile organizations.

Strategic: We partner with CxOs to help them rethink organizational strategy in alignment with business strategy. 


Holistic: We look at the impact of our interventions across all aspect of employee engagement and organizational strategy.

Iterative: We believe in implementing change hand in hand with our clients and we understand that change doesn't happen overnight. 

Empathic: Nothing inspires us more than the strength, resilience and imagination of our fellow humans. We live to design and build environments where they can thrive. 

Organizational Strategy
We work hand in hand with the CxOs and HR leaders of organizations to develop and implement relevant tailor-made flexible work and learning models for their company, while keeping organizational strategy aligned with business strategy. 

The Omnichannel Organization OS
Using our proprietary OmniChannel Organization™ model, we help organizations build and deliver a holistic experience for employees that extends across all company touch points, structures, and systems.

Technology Consulting and Implementation
We help organizations make the right tech investments to support flexible work models and offer training to ensure your teams gain the most value out of these technologies. 

Internal Communication
Consulting, strategy, leadership coaching, internal events, and content creation for effective distributed communication.

Training & Workshops
Designing and facilitating workshops and training sessions for teams or classes. We cover everything from technology training to skillset development to team building to board meeting facilitation.

Leadership Coaching
We work with a network of coaches to help our clients develop the leadership skill sets they need  to effectively lead, manage and inspire in a flexible work setting.

Our Services
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Our Framework
What is an Omnichannel Organization?
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Omnichannel experiences are used to drive rich and engaging user experiences across industries.  

The Omnichannel Organization™️ allows you to engage and connect with your employees across all touchpoints, both physical and virtual, enabling them to seamlessly align with the organization’s goals while adding meaningful value, wherever they are.

How does the Omnichannel Organization OS™️ work?

Our proprietary assessment framework is based on a 5-level model that measure an organization’s ability to be truly omnichannel, supporting agile and flexible work. 

The 5 level model is inspired by the work of Matt Mullenweg, MobileCorp, and other thinkers and shapers in the field,

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Meet the Team
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Marilyn Zakhour, Founder & CEO

Cosmic Centaurs Founder Marilyn Zakhour, has experience in organisations of all sizes and knows how to bring the agility of small startups to big corporations.

Previously Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, and Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn holds an executive MBA from INSEAD. She has also spent 10 years in the startup world, building and running digital native companies.

Marilyn is a strong believer that regardless of industry, country, profession, and context, value creation is about creating a safe space and a clear process for teams to collaborate and create freely.

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Tala Odeh, Consultant

Tala Odeh is a Consultant at Cosmic Centaurs bringing her storytelling, team-building and strategic planning experience to the company. 

Before joining, she worked at EMAAR managing external communications and reputation risk for the group. Previously Tala was a Strategic Planner at Ogilvy, developing insight-driven marketing solutions for Fortune 500 clients. 
In 2019, she completed her graduate degree at Columbia University in the City of New York. 

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Haneen Al Hassan, Consultant

Haneen is a seasoned business and communications strategist with over 14 years of expertise in crafting brand and communication strategies. She has worked extensively with a diverse range of organizations and brands, both locally and internationally, spanning the private and governmental sectors. Haneen's passion lies in cultivating high-performing teams and empowering individuals to unleash their full potential, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

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Maya Mahfouz, Junior Consultant

Maya is a researcher and a Ph.D. candidate in Nutritional Sciences at "Université Saint-Joseph" – Beirut. She accumulated 8 years of experience in academia, resulting in 9 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Being a continuous learner, her interests extend to knowledge economy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

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Hadeel Kabosh, Junior Consultant

Hadeel comes from a marketing background with a passion

for anything culture, arts & media. Previously, Hadeel worked

in marcomms with diverse companies including Sudan’s biggest F&B producer, an entrepreneurship support hub, and a startup working on the inclusion of amputees. Hadeel also enjoys writing poems and prose in her free time.

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Adam Bou Dargham, Junior Consultant

Adam has a Mechanical Engineering background and a growing interest in all things data and data-driven decision making which led him to his current pursuit of a Master's degree in Computational Sciences. His passions span from the automotive world (what you would call a car guy) to sports in general, and Taekwondo in specific. This led him to dedicate himself to being an active professional Taekwondo Athlete and Coach.

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Zeinab Makke, Executive Assistant

Zeinab holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from ESA and Université IAE De Poitiers. She has a combined expertise in operations management, quality assurance, and project work. She’s also a mom to two amazing daughters. She loves the simple joys in life, like a good walk in nature or a hearty laugh.

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Lama Abdelgelil, Marketing Executive

Lama's an Integrated Marketing Communications undergrad who started her journey with freelance graphic design. When she's not hitting the books, she's probably watching a new movie. Lama's excited to learn more about the vast world of content and marketing in her journey at the Cosmics!

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