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The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across all industries and geographies. Suddenly, companies all over the world have not only been forced to make remote work possible, but also to maintain and sometimes even increase the efficiency and productivity of their workforce.

While startups, tech companies, or global companies were built to support this working model, other companies need a helping hand in:

- choosing the right software and tools

- training their staff

- figuring out how to lead, manage, ideate, and strategize in a virtual world

We focus on enabling this transformation and improving collaboration in the absence of co-location so that our clients can go back to doing what they do best, running their business, and caring for their employees, customers, and suppliers.

Cosmic Centaurs


We benchmark your employees before suggesting the right learning, training and development tracks needed to upskill your team on remote work, introduce new processes, and inspire collaboration/productivity


We work with organizations to understand their strategy, goals & objectives before building a plan for them to embed a remote work strategy that promotes high impact teams and creates an a collaborative culture.


We help you build & manage digital experiences to take your business online.  


We also recommend the tech, tools and processes for remote teams to create and communicate effectively. 

Executive Leadership

We offer consultancy and advisory for c-suite leaders looking to restructure the organization, develop and maintain a healthy remote work culture. We help you figure out who should come to the office and why? How do teams work in this environment?  How does this impact the organizations' processes and culture


We support managers in building teams and implementing processes to deliver high-impact results. We share tips, tools, training  and technology and offer one-on-one coaching for clear communication, efficient operations and results measurement.

HR & Talent Managers

From operational support to  learning and development training, we offer new processes and templates to help talent managers build and nurture remote teams. Including support on developing new organizational guidelines for hiring and onboarding, performance appraisals, team and reporting structures, and more.

Students, Employees & Freelancers

We offer training, coaching and tools for individuals and employees to improve efficiency, increase productivity and inject some fun into remote work.

You can start by exploring our resources and remote work tips sections  for insightful tips and frameworks to help with you remote work day.

Who We Serve
Painted Living Room



Marilyn Zakhour, Founder & CEO

Cosmic Centaurs Founder Marilyn Zakhour, has experience in organisations of all sizes and knows how to bring the agility of small startups to big corporations.

Previously Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, and Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn holds an executive MBA from INSEAD. She has also spent 10 years in the startup world, building and running digital native companies.

Marilyn is a strong believer that regardless of industry, country, profession, and context, value creation is about creating a safe space and a clear process for teams to collaborate and create freely.

Tala Odeh, Consultant

Tala Odeh is a Consultant at Cosmic Centaurs bringing her storytelling, team-building and strategic planning experience to the company. 

Before joining, she worked at EMAAR managing external communications and reputation risk for the group. Previously Tala was a Strategic Planner at Ogilvy, developing insight-driven marketing solutions for Fortune 500 clients. 
In 2019, she completed her graduate degree  at Columbia University in the City of New York. 

Meet The Team
Painted Space

As more and more people started to work from home after the 2020 global pandemic, Marilyn our founder began to imagine everyone sat at home,  wearing a work shirt with pyjama bottoms, like corporate centaurs: half office, half couch. 

At the time, Zoom became the primary conferencing tool, and people started changing their backgrounds.

Our Founder particularly loved the outer space background; and that's how Cosmic Centaurs was born

Behind the Name

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Remote Work Tips

Check out our remote works tips and tricks


We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analysing and improving their remote work processes. 

Ritual Bank

Rituals are any activities or habits your team employs to foster culture, collaboration and connectivity. Click through to see our favourite rituals developed by Cosmic Centaurs and our community.  

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