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Who We Are

Whether companies are permanently shifting to more flexible work environments, or if teams need to adapt to remote-friendly ways of working for the foreseeable future, we offer consulting, training, insights and technology recommendations to foster greater collaboration, resilience and innovation without constant co-location.


We help leaders, HR Professionals, and managers, structure teams, invest in the appropriate technology and training, nurture an organizational culture that is location independent, and make distributed work a competitive advantage.


We strategize and implement programs to help our clients adapt to the new ‘where’ and ‘how’ of work and learning.

How We Work

Using our tried and tested models and concepts, we help individuals and organizations outline a working model for productivity and engagement, identify and manage digital solutions to propel learning, organizational effectiveness, and professional development.


Our team works with a network of consultants, executives, educators, industry specialists and talent managers to guide clients through this transformation. We oversee all elements of this journey, upskilling teams, nurturing collaboration, advising on the relevant digital investments, and creating a culture to embrace change.

Our agility allows us to quickly and effectively future - proof our clients while solving for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Meet The Team
Marilyn Zakhour, Founder & CEO

Cosmic Centaurs Founder Marilyn Zakhour, has experience in organisations of all sizes and knows how to bring the agility of small startups to big corporations.

Previously Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, and Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn holds an executive MBA from INSEAD. She has also spent 10 years in the startup world, building and running digital native companies.

Marilyn is a strong believer that regardless of industry, country, profession, and context, value creation is about creating a safe space and a clear process for teams to collaborate and create freely.

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Tala Odeh, Consultant

Tala Odeh is a Consultant at Cosmic Centaurs bringing her storytelling, team-building and strategic planning experience to the company. 

Before joining, she worked at EMAAR managing external communications and reputation risk for the group. Previously Tala was a Strategic Planner at Ogilvy, developing insight-driven marketing solutions for Fortune 500 clients. 
In 2019, she completed her graduate degree  at Columbia University in the City of New York. 

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Antoinette Tamer, Consultant

Antoinette Tamer is a consultant at Cosmic Centaurs, with experience in Agile methodologies, products, projects and account management. Previously head of the development unit at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Antoinette has a technical background, and she is an expert in the evolution of development teams from waterfall project management to Agile, adopting Scrum rules to plan, organize and lead.

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Marie Nakhle, Consultant

Marie is an accomplished Digital Marketing professional with 10 years of extensive experience building and executing digital marketing strategies and managing e-commerce platforms, as well as 5 years of experience lecturing students and professionals in Lebanon's top institutions.
Previously the Head of Digital at Antoine Library, Lebanon's number one bookstore.
Holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems and Digital Transformation from Paris Dauphine University.

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Rajat Karol, Strategic Advisor

Rajat Karol, founder of DHC AI, is focused on solving for personal and organizational health. He has multiple awards for business transformations during his 17+ years leading multicultural global teams in Sales, Delivery, Support, Finance, Operations, Internal Audit, Digital Transformation, Analytics and AI. At Cosmic Centaurs, he helps develop and drive strategic imperatives and is a sounding board for the leadership team.

He has an MBA and is a Computer Sciences Engineer.

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Who We Serve

Executive Leadership

We offer consultancy and advisory for c-suite leaders looking to future-proof their strategy.
From restructuring the organization, to advising
on digital investments, to developing and maintaining a healthy culture, we will walk leaders through their journey of digital transcendence.  


We support managers in building teams and implementing processes to deliver high-impact results and unlock the potential of the technology they use.  We share tips, tools,
and training  to help them perform  and offer
one-on-one coaching for clear communication, efficient operations and results measurement.

HR & Talent Managers

We help HR & talent managers upskill their people, create more collaborative teams and recruit the best talent in the industry. From operational support to  learning and development training,
we offer new processes and templates to build and nurture high-impact teams. 

Students, Employees & Freelancers

We offer training, coaching and tools for individuals and employees to improve efficiency, increase productivity and drive digital transcendence. You can start by exploring our resources and insights sections  for tools and tips. 

Our Frameworks

The exponential rate of technological innovation is surpassing human capability to absorb and apply it effectively. To keep up, organizations around the world have adopted digital transformation initiatives, a trend that was further accelerated by the global pandemic. This forced the rapid creation and adoption of  new ways of working and learning. 

Not everyone is gaining the most value of these technologies and to solve for this, we rely on these  frameworks:

The Omnichannel Organization™️ 

Omnichannel experiences are used to drive rich and engaging user experiences across industries.  


The Omnichannel Organization designs a coherent experience for employees that extends across all touchpoints, physical and virtual, allowing them to seamlessly connect and align with the organization’s goals and add meaningful value wherever they are. 

Design  Thinking

Across all our work, we apply Human-Centered Design to keep people at the core of our approach. Design thinking allows us to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements of business success to help individuals and companies adapt to the new ways of work and learning. 

Painted Space

As more and more people started to work from home after the 2020 global pandemic, Marilyn our founder began to imagine everyone sat at home,  wearing a work shirt with pyjama bottoms, like corporate centaurs: half office, half couch. 

At the time, Zoom became the primary conferencing tool, and people started changing their backgrounds.

Our Founder particularly loved the outer space background; and that's how Cosmic Centaurs was born

Behind the Name

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We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analysing and improving their remote work processes. 

Ritual Bank

Rituals are any activities or habits your team employs to foster culture, collaboration and connectivity. Click through to see our favourite rituals developed by Cosmic Centaurs and our community.