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"At the beginning of our engagement, it felt the company was being put upside down, but Cosmic Centaurs are so knowledgeable and they use the right techniques to help us land on our feet again. They work swiftly, are holistic in their approach and are effective project managers, working hand-in-hand with our team to implement the changes they recommended.”

Francis Van Acker
Co-Founder  & CEO of DesignRepublic

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The 5 Remote Work Tools We Can’t Live Without

We compiled a list of the tech tools we here at Cosmic Centaurs use each and every day in the hope that your team might be inspired to check them out too!


Welcoming Committee

On the first day of an employee assign people from different teams to take them out to lunch (or to join for a virtual lunch). This will allow your new joiner to start building relationships with people from outside their direct team.

Remote Work Tips

Clarify the Rules

At the beginning of a virtual meeting, it's a good idea for the moderator / initiator of the meeting to clarify the housekeeping rules. For example do we want everyone to wait until the end of the presentation before commenting? Are people encouraged to use the Chat functionality? Have the mics / videos of attendees been disabled on purpose?

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