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We offer consulting, training, technology and insights to take clients beyond digital transformation  and enter the era of digital transcendence.


We help you gain the most value of the technology and innovation shaping the future of work and education by upskilling talent, building collaborative teams, creating a culture of change and managing intelligent digital investments.

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About Us

The exponential rate of technological innovation is surpassing human capability to absorb and apply it effectively.

To keep up, organizations around the world have adopted digital transformation initiatives, a trend that was further accelerated by the global pandemic. This forced the rapid creation and adoption of  new ways of working and learning. 

Not everyone is gaining the most value of these technologies and to solve for this, we rely on Design Thinking, Digital Transcendence, and our proprietary model the Omnichannel Organization™️.

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The 5 Remote Work Tools We Can’t Live Without

We compiled a list of the tech tools we here at Cosmic Centaurs use each and every day in the hope that your team might be inspired to check them out too!


Welcoming Committee

On the first day of an employee assign people from different teams to take them out to lunch (or to join for a virtual lunch). This will allow your new joiner to start building relationships with people from outside their direct team.

Remote Work Tips

Clarify the Rules

At the beginning of a virtual meeting, it's a good idea for the moderator / initiator of the meeting to clarify the housekeeping rules. For example do we want everyone to wait until the end of the presentation before commenting? Are people encouraged to use the Chat functionality? Have the mics / videos of attendees been disabled on purpose?

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