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Building Organizations

We are an organizational development consultancy, helping leaders make better decisions about work and the workplace and implement sustainable organizational change.

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We are trusted by
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What our Clients say About Us
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       There was profound thinking beyond simply delivering on our request. Unlike many other consulting firms, Cosmic Centaurs pushed us past our initial position on the topic of remote work. We have since succeeded in implementing flexible work models, both with people working at the office and on construction sites.

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Victor Ribeiro
HR Director, 
VINCI Construction Terrassement

       At the beginning of our engagement, it felt the company was being put upside down, but Cosmic Centaurs are so knowledgeable and they use the right techniques to help us land on our feet again. They work swiftly, are holistic in their approach and are effective project managers, working hand-in-hand with our team to implement the changes they recommended.

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Francis Van Acker

Co-Founder  & CEO DesignRepublic

       Trust the process! It is kind of unusual, so trust the process and lean into the conversation. The topics are new, they’re not simple and if anything I would say take more time.


We had a shorter engagement, we could have spent more time or had multiple sessions with Cosmic Centaurs.


It was a very powerful session in the sense that it opened a lot of doors but we could have probably done more subsequent sessions. Allow yourself and your team the opportunity to have a follow up.

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Loic Moutault

Loic Moutault
CEO, Royal Canin

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We help organizations deliver on their promises...

... to their employees
by building better organizations.

Organizational Development

Using our Omnichannel Organization  model we help leaders who see that their company or team is struggling to execute on their vision by assessing the sources of the problem, creating a plan to address them, and project managing the change. 

... to their customers

by helping them deliver on their strategy.

Strategy Execution

We help leaders deliver successful strategies and strategic plans, turning vision into actionable, measurable initiatives by facilitating the transition from planning to implementation, and developing the organizational capabilities in the process.

Our Services
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Our Methodology
We believe in creating holistic, integrated experiences for teams and individuals to contribute their best work.

The Omnichannel Organization™ delivers an experience for employees that extends across all touch points, physical and virtual, allowing them to seamlessly connect and align with the organization’s strategy, goals and culture, and add meaningful value wherever they are.

We are here to help you make your organization truly Omnichannel.

The future of work is Omnichannel. 

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Understand your business and organizational goals and your teams' needs and aspirations.

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Co-design the strategy and implementation plan, through a series of facilitated workshops and discussions. 




Execute our plan in agile sprints, allowing us to deliver fast and iterate on our approach. 




Measure the progress of your organization or team against our agility and flexibility KPIs and discuss way forward.

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Our Approach
We follow a 4 step process that goes from insight, to action, to measurement.
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Our Game
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Cosmic Conversations for Teams

Have meaningful conversations with your team.

Each of the 52 prompts in our deck will help you discover more about your colleagues, spark compelling conversations, and bring you closer together. Pick up a Cosmic Conversation to kick off your next all-hands meeting or during an upcoming team ritual!

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Cosmic Conversations for Families

Have meaningful conversations with your family.

The first team someone joins is their family and at Cosmic Centaurs we truly believe in the power of great teams. With our Cosmic Conversations card deck you can have great conversations with your family and get to know each other like never before.

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We are curious and we believe in sharing what we learn with the world 

Ritual Bank

​If your team or company is looking for rituals to help with performance, cohesion or communication, visit our ritual bank for inspiration.



Download our worksheets for individuals & teams to help you manage your workspace, facilitate retrospectives or perfect your tech stack. 


Cosmic Conference

Our virtual conference series explores the future of work & learning. We held two editions so far with 1000+ attendees, 12 live sessions, 40 speakers, and endless insights.


Centaur Stage

Our weekly live video series is hosted by Marilyn, and features some incredible guests, sharing insights, opinions and perspectives about how we work and learn.

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We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analyzing and improving their flexible work processes. 
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