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Have Meaningful Conversations with your Team

With our Cosmic Conversations card deck you can have great conversations with your colleagues and get to know each other like never before.

★ New: Now available as an online game in English and Arabic


Print Edition

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About Cosmic Conversations

Cosmic Conversations 
Conversation Starters for teams

A team game by Cosmic Centaurs 

Cosmic Conversations is a game designed to build happier teams.

Each of the 52 prompts & 6 activities will help you discover more about your colleagues, spark compelling conversations, and bring you closer together.


Pick up a Cosmic Conversation to kick off your next all-hands meeting, during an upcoming team ritual, or while having a casual (virtual) coffee!

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What is included?

104 questions

6 rituals

4 themes

Access to the Digital Edition

4 ways to play

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Price: 135 AED

Includes access to the Digital Edition

We ship to anywhere in the UAE with same day delivery. 

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★ New: Digital Edition
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Starting Price: 125 AED / 34 USD

By popular demand, we released a Digital Edition of Cosmic Conversations so you can play with your team wherever you may be.

Bonus: You also get Cosmic Conversations for Families

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We measure our impact by the number of teams we are able to help, and money shouldn't get in the way of that. 

Inspired by our friends at Never Done Before, we offer purchasing-power-adjusted membership fees to those who live in low-income countries. 

The Little Game that Could

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How to Play?

You can play this in person or virtually and we’ve listed below some of the rituals or moments where we think that the cards can add value and meaning to your team get together. Before you start it's good to read the principles card out loud and commit to observing them

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When onboarding a new team member

Onboarding a new-comer into the team culture is not always the easiest thing... but it is the perfect opportunity to use the "Work Life" series (that’s the yellow cards with a hand on the back). Pull out a card, and start with the ice-breaker. Get everyone on the team to answer the question in turn (you can go in any order you like.

For example from the oldest to the youngest). If you feel like everyone is comfortable sharing then you can go for the “dig deeper” question on the same card. Alternatively, skip to the next card.

During Retrospectives

Not sure how to start a retrospective? Start by creating a safe space, by explaining how retrospectives work. This is a moment to look at the team’s past performance and reflect together on what you’ve been doing well and what can be improved. Explain that feedback is how you grow

as a team and having honest and positive conversations is an essential part of that. Then pick a card from the “How's Work?” series (that’s the pink one with a human on its back), and start with an ice-breaker. After everyone on the team has answered, you can then ask the “Dig Deeper” question. If you would like to run retrospectives with your team but you’re not sure how to do it, we’ve put together a worksheet for you.


Once a week during your daily standup

There is a reason we created exactly 52 cards in this deck. One per week for the year. Pick an Ice-Breaker prompt card from any theme, and get everyone to answer it at the start of your standup.

For Team Time

We always recommend that teams plan some “social time” together, where they don’t talk about work. An hour every few weeks will do if you’re short on time. Team time is a perfect moment to play and share. We sometimes use this time

to play pictionary online, or have one of us introduce us to a topic they are passionate about. We also use it to have Cosmic Conversations. Pick a card from the “Story Time” series (that’s the red one with a book on its back) or the “What if…” series (that’s the blue one with a whale on the back). Start by asking the ice-breaker question and let everyone on the team answer, then go into a deeper conversation with the “Dig Deeper” prompt.


How to Play?
Cosmic Conversation for families images (2).png

Cosmic Conversation for Families

Also Available in Print Edition!

Have great conversations with your family and get to know each other like never before.

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