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Marilyn Zakhour on DXB One: Well-being in the Workplace & Employee Engagement

How do you create a happy workplace?

Cosmic Centaurs Founder & CEO Marilyn Zakhour spoke on DXB Today about wellness, how to improve well-being in the workplace, and employee engagement. In Marilyn's words, the key behind high-performing teams who smash their KPIs lies not only in hard work, but having a sense of community and belonging as well.

She was joined by Nimi Mehta, amy kitchingman, Yousef Saeed, past Cosmic Conference guest speaker and founder of mentl, Scott Armstrong, and David Tapley, Editor in chief of FACT Magazines UAE.

We’re very grateful to Reim El Houni Dubai TV Media Consultant for creating space for this conversation, and allowing Marilyn to represent our work on national tv.

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