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Cosmic Centaurs' Breakfast Roundtable Event - January 2023

One of our priorities for 2023 is to help leaders unlock performance and boost engagement through data and analytics. This begins with a simple question:

What do your employees need to do their best work?

In January 2023, we hosted a breakfast roundtable at Alsafa Art & Design Library in Dubai to help a group of leaders find the answers.

We discussed:

💡How to build a lean, simple approach to collecting data about what your employees need to create value for your organization.

💡How to apply Customer Experience research tools to your employee experience based on the recent Harvard Business Review Article our CEO & Founder Marilyn co-wrote with Professor Mark Mortensen, INSEAD Professor & Owner of GlobalWorks Consulting: To Craft a Better Employee Experience, Collect the Right Data.

💡The impact of an effective employee experience in driving business success.

We’re so grateful to everyone who attended, and the amazing ideas and insights they shared!

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Breakfast and snacks served at the roundtable event at Alsafa Art & Design Library in Dubai, in Al Wasl Rd - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 3

Our community of leaders discussing insights and findings about the employee experience


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