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A Great Employee Experience is…

This article was part of our annual Cosmic Conference series and this year our focus was all about (re)Designing the Employee Experience. From Sept. 28th - Oct. 21st, 2022 we explored all things EX. Check out all conference sessions and insights here.

As a tradition of our Cosmic Conferences and Centaur Stage episodes, we always wrap up live sessions with a series of rapid-fire questions for our speakers. It’s how we end the live sessions in a way that is fun, and conclusive of everything we learned.

Here’s what the 2022 #CosmicConference guests had to say about what a great employee experience is:

John Preece: Trust and choice.

Laurel Farrer: A business strategy.

Tony Jamous: Caring about how people feel working with you.

Scott Armstrong: Positive, purposeful, and meaningful.

Gillian French: When you feel like you matter where you belong.

Dr. Susan R. Vroman: Feeling connected.

Chase Warrington: Intentional.

Adam Booth: Seamless and simple to use product and intranet.

Jennifer Dunsford: User-friendly, everything in one space, and shared accessibility automation.

Claudius Boller: Essential for sustainable high-performance.

Dr. Agustin Chevez: One that enhances purpose.

Dr. Connie Hadley: Holistic.

Jose Santos: Feeling that you’re not an employee.

Jonathan Yeo: Feeling like you’re valued.

Breeze Dong: Holding the whole system with compassion.

Marilyn Zakhour: Meaningful.

Tala Odeh: Intentional.

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