(re)visiting Assumptions about the Workplace with Dr. Agustin Chevez

Updated: Oct 26

This article is part of our annual Cosmic Conference series and this year our focus is (re)Designing the Employee Experience. From Sept. 28th - Oct. 21st, 2022 we are exploring all things EX. Learn more and register to attend here.

Dr. Agustin Chevez, an Architect & Academic, walked in isolation for 42 days from Melbourne to Sydney expecting to incubate a unique idea about workplace design. Over a million steps later, his pilgrimage delivered unique insights which he refers to as Signposts – named for their promise to point to a better place of work for both organizations and the people who inhabit them.

Dr. Agustin Chevez joined us for a session of the 2022 #CosmicConference. He took us on a journey that revisits our assumptions about the way we use space to host the ever-evolving notion of work – an expedition leading not only to better workplaces, but a better version of ourselves.

You can check out his book, The Pilgrim's Guide to the Workplace, here.

Watch the video from his session below.