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Planning an Offsite? Use this Checklist

Building connections is one of the biggest challenges of remote work.

Although distributed and remote teams offer plenty of advantages, building strong and deep connections remains a major challenge preventing organizations from creating a seamless employee experience.

As Chase Warrington, the Head of Remote at Doist, said during the 2022 Cosmic Conference, “Being remote-first is a viable way to do business, but at the same time, we recognize there is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together for building relationships and moving the company forward via good energy”. That’s why many remote first or distributed companies have an allocated travel budget dedicated to hosting in-person offsites to bring their employees together every so often.

What are Offsites?

Offsites are in-person team-building events meant to build connection and belonging. They can serve a variety of purposes including building interpersonal connections among employees, defining or cascading a strategy, collaborating on a specific project, or experiencing imprintable moments that shape culture.

Organizing an offsite is complex. The travel, accommodation, transportation, and logistics alone require meticulous planning. Equally as important (if not more) is ensuring you are designing an experience for employees that is meaningful, memorable, and effective in achieving the goal of the off-site.

Download the Off-site Checklist

To help you with this, we created this resource, as part of our 2022 Cosmic Conference.

Click here to download the checklist.


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