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Key Insights & Takeaways from The 2022 Cosmic Conference: (re)designing the Employee Experience

The 3rd edition of the Cosmic Conference, (re)designing the Employee Experience, brought together global thought leaders to share their insights and strategies for creating an engaging and productive employee experience.

Through a series of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, attendees gained valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices about the employee experience today.

Our guests included:

Imad Lahad - APCO Worldwide

Tariq Saiduddin - Zension Technologies

John Preece - Hub Australia

Laurel Farrer - Remote Work Expert

Tony Jamous - Oyster

Gillian French - Workvivo

Scott Armstrong - Mental

Susan Vroman - Bentley University

Chase Warrington - Doist

Jennifer Dunsford - Crayon

Adam Booth - Omnia

Claudius Boller - Spotify

Sanam Shah - Loom

Agustin Chevez - Architect & Academic

Connie Hadley - Institute for Life at Work

Jo Santos - INSEAD

Jonathan Yeo - The Potential Space

Breeze Dong - Roche

We’re so grateful you joined us at the Cosmic Conference, and shared your perspectives, insights, and opinions about the employee experience.

Download the summary of key learnings from the conference here.

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