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10 Podcasts Leaders Should Listen to

For many of us, summer is the perfect time to catch up on all the content we say we're going to make time for, but never do! We all have some bookmarked podcasts, videos or series we want to get to, or books we have been meaning to find time for, and the time to prioritize what content you'll consume this summer is now.

We curated a list of 10 podcasts offering thought-provoking conversations, inspiring stories, and actionable insights across several topics.

Whether you're seeking strategies for business success, leadership tips, personal development, or scaling your organization, these podcasts have you covered.

Strategy & Business

For leaders who are investing their summer time in strategic thinking and implementation, we suggest these podcasts.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy interviews leaders of the most successful organizations around the world about their stories first-hand. The podcast explores innovation, creativity, and leadership, and Guy has a compelling way of capturing the major lesson each leader learned from their stories of triumph and failure.

If you are looking to be inspired by the captivating stories and invaluable insights from the minds behind some of the world's most successful businesses and ventures.

How I Built This with Guy Raz Podcast

Dubai Works Business Podcast by Richard Fitzgerald

This podcast is all about the stories of companies in Dubai, ranging from small businesses to large corporate groups. He interviews CEOs and founders about how they conduct their business, build their brand, and thrive in an ever-competitive business environment.

If you’re curious to learn more about how the leaders of Dubai-based businesses navigate the city’s unique context.

Dubai Works Business Podcast by Richard Fitzgerald Podcast

Leadership & Management

As a leader, your journey is filled with meaningful moments that are fulfilling, and formative. But leadership can be a lonely place, particularly in the face of uncertainty and pressure. If you are a leader looking for support, inspiration, and guidance, give these podcasts a listen.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.

This podcast is based on Brene’s best-selling book of the same name. It is all about building courage, taking risks, and innovating as a leader, because its philosophy is that you can’t build a just world without daring leadership.

Many of the podcast guests are book authors, musicians, scientists, and professors - give it a listen if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box perspective on leadership.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown Podcast

Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak

This podcast mixes aspirational content with practical advice. The stories reflect how complex leadership can be, while providing very tangible and timely tips that can be used in the everyday life of a leader.

If you’re looking for an insightful podcast with practical tips you can use on the go, this one's for you.

Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak Podcast

Centaur Stage, hosted by our CEO & Founder Marilyn Zakhour.

Each season has its own theme. The first is for learning about remote work practices and making the best out of flexible work, the second helps leaders learn how to build and lead teams in a way that optimizes productivity and happiness at work, and the third is all about lessons learned from the successes and failures of companies in the past.

We recommend listening to this podcast if you’re interested in any of the themes mentioned above, or if you’re leader who, like us, is obsessed with happiness at work.

Centaur Stage by Marilyn Zakhour Podcast

Personal Development

Leaders are human beings before being managers. They grow as people, they grow at work, and like everyone else, they sometimes need a bit of inspiration or push into taking the right step. We listed below podcasts we believe are a good fit for personal development.

Work Life with Adam Grant

This podcast focuses on how to make the best out of, well, your life at work. A renowned organizational psychologist himself, Grant explores the different ways one can feel happy at work with his guest, such as overcoming burnout and working under pressure, as well as how to develop healthy mindsets.

This podcast is for you if you strive to build a healthier relationship with working/being in the workplace, give this podcast a shot.

Work Life with Adam Grant Podcast

The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish

This is a great podcast for living and working more meaningfully. From insights about leadership and decision-making, to tips about improving your personal relationships and mental health, the learnings and practical advice from this series are invaluable.

Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for some inspiration, or if you’re looking for evidence-based advice on life and work challenges.

The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish Podcast

Scaling & Growth

These podcasts are for you if your team or business is in a period of growth. Oftentimes, growth is non-linear, and these stories help you navigate and scale with confidence.

Starting Greatness by Mike Maples Jr

This podcast shares lessons from the most successful entrepreneurs. Mike’s focus is the days before entrepreneurs became successful, covering the different stages of the rollercoaster that is the entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re looking for content that helps you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you.

Starting Greatness by Mike Maples Jr Podcast

Startup Hustle Middle East by Siddharth & Mamta Varerkar

This podcast is all about how to start or scale your business in Dubai. The hosts and their guests share stories from their entrepreneurial experiences, covering themes such as raising funds and working with VCs, as well as company culture and finding motivation as a leader.

If you’re a Dubai-based entrepreneur building and scaling your startup, or you want to learn from them, give this series a listen.

Startup Hustle Middle East by Siddharth & Mamta Varerkar Podcast

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman.

Reid interviews the CEOs and leaders of household name companies, who share how their once startup or small business are very well known today. They tackle strategy and innovation, and how to face crises, uncertainty, and leadership change.

This is a good podcast if you like content that shows both the human and business side of growing a business.

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman Podcast

We hope that you’ll enjoy listening to these podcasts, and learn from the endless stories, perspectives, and lessons shared!


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