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The value & importance of team connection, in the words of Centaur Stage Season 2 Speakers

Connected teams are happy teams, and there are many steps leaders can take to create spaces and opportunities for their team members to build and deepen team connection. In our second season of #CentaurStage*, some of our speakers shared their insights on how important it is for leaders and teams to make time for building meaningful connections.

Watch this video to hear those insights from Connie Noonan Hadley, an Organizational Psychologist, Sylvia Burbery, Regional President of Emerging & Seeds at Royal Canin, and Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist.

Ready to start building a connected, happier team? Sign up to #Aion today! You can learn more about our team culture platform and schedule a demo here.

*Centaur Stage is a weekly video series produced by Cosmic Centaurs, and this second season is all about the magic of teams. Each Thursday afternoon, on LinkedIn Live, at 3:30 PM UAE-time, Marilyn Zakhour, CEO & Founder of Cosmic Centaurs, is joined by incredible guests who share insights, opinions, and perspectives about what makes teams cohesive, high-performing, and happy.


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