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VINCI Construction Terrassement:
Implementing flexible work in a challenging industry
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As a result of the global pandemic, VINCI Construction Terrassement (a traditionally co-located company due to the nature of its work) found itself thrust into remote work. Given VINCI Construction Terrassement is a construction company, these new work models seemed unsuitable and any deviations from the traditional ways of working were previously met with well-founded resistance or skepticism. 

Cosmic Centaurs developed a leadership consulting and coaching program for a group of  50 of the subsidiary’s leaders to explore flexible work, leading in times of change. 

Cosmic Centaurs' Superpower


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Victor Ribeiro

HR Director

VINCI Construction Terrassement

     There was profound thinking beyond simply delivering on our request. Unlike many other consulting firms, Cosmic Centaurs pushed us past our initial position on the topic of remote work. We have since succeeded in implementing flexible work models, both with people working at the office and on construction sites.

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VINCI Construction Terrassement is a historic and recognized builder of major linear infrastructure in France and abroad. It is also a major player in coastal, fluvial, environmental, site and platform development projects in France.  

Throughout her history the company has incorporated the additional expertise and skills which allow her to master the entire project value chain. This unique know-how, combined to the team's ability to operate on their own all over the world, and provide VINCI Construction Terrassement with an accurate general overview of projects, from design to works completion.  

5 questions to Victor
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1. What is one thing that surprised you about our work?

A positive surprise was that Cosmic Centaurs challenged us and pushed us to think beyond our boundaries. You did not try to adapt yourselves to us, on the contrary you continuously pushed us to think differently and to evolve.

2. On a scale of 1-10, with one being the least and ten the most, how likely are you to recommend Cosmic Centaurs? 

Sincerely, 10. The collaboration really allowed us to move forward.  

3. What are your thoughts on our methodology?

What I liked about the approach is that you were able to guide us through our thinking and helped us create an action plan that was presented to our leadership. What we liked was your ability to get to know us and adapt to who we are while pushing us to think beyond our own beliefs.

4. Did our collaboration translate into real changes? If yes, what were they?

Yes there were several changes that happened further to the engagement. These include: 

  • The sensitization of the leadership to the concept of flexible working. 

  • A chart of good practices for remote work has been created for the company. 

  • A better integration of flexible work models within the organization

5. What is Cosmic Centaurs’ superpower? 

Consistency of actions. The team was very well organized, everyone knew what to do, and what was the objective behind each action.


Some of the feedback we received:

"Thank you for your intervention. I believe it was a real push for a better work organization at VCT."

"A great workshop that has shaken things up I believe. I am really hopeful that this will help the team make the right decisions moving forward."

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