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Future-ready leaders & teams 
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Trainings & Workshops

Research backed, user centric, engaging trainings and workshops to give leaders and teams the skills they need to thrive in the new world of work. 

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Our Approach
We combine academic research, case studies, and primary research to deliver tailor-made training and workshops for executives, leaders, and teams.


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Helping executives rethink the ways of working at their company, and make better decisions for their organization and people.


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Coaching and training leaders to acquire the skills and knowledge to lead in the post-pandemic world.


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Upskilling individuals and teams  to help them perform in distributed and remote settings.

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We help leaders and teams grow in these areas

Designing New Work Models

Hybrid Work Best Practices

Remote Work Tools & Tech Stack

Leading Distributed Teams

Mastering Resilience & Agility

Knowledge Creation

Leading Through change

Process Documentation

Communication Guidelines

Missing a topic related to hybrid work or leadership?


Reach out, we’d love to help

Learning Experiences
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Online training

We deliver trainings and moderate workshops online, using tools like whiteboards and Breakout Rooms to facilitate brainstorming and collaboration.


We organize interactive webinars on key topics and give the audience the chance to chat, vocalize opinions, ask questions and provide live feedback.

Live Speaking

We believe in talks that inspire and inform, while leaving audience members with memorable stories, valuable insights and actionable ideas, online or in person.

We're trusted by
Royal Canin
Spengler Fox
Kraft Heinz
Design Republic
What our Clients say About Us
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Loic Moutault


Loic Moutault
CEO, Royal Canin

    Trust the process! It is kind of unusual, so trust the process and lean into the conversation. The topics are new, they’re not simple and if anything I would say take more time.


We had a shorter engagement, we could have spent more time or had multiple sessions with Cosmic Centaurs.


It was a very powerful session in the sense that it opened a lot of doors but we could have probably done more subsequent sessions. Allow yourself and your team the opportunity to have a follow up.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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