Research backed, user centric, humane,
and engaging trainings and workshops.

We combine academic research, case studies, and primary research to deliver tailor-made training and workshops for executives, teams and educational institutions.

Who We Serve

C-level Executives

Coaching on topics related to Organizational Strategy, Team Culture, Digital Strategy covering the business goals and reasons to exist. We can also act as facilitators for board meetings or any type of meeting leading to major decisions related to the organization working models and internal processes.


Supporting, upskilling and helping teams to unlock their potential, strengthen their cohesion and better contribute to the achievement of the company goals. We can also help teams adapt to a distributed or remote setting by equipping them with the proper skills and tools.



Designing and delivering courses and lectures related to Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Remote Working, Personal Branding, Networking and building relationships online, etc. We support emerging talent with insights and tools to enable them to acquire new skills and excel in their career. 

Some of the Topics We Cover

Organizational Strategy and Team Culture

Adapting to new working models and extending the company culture into the virtual workspace.

Remote or Distributed Team Building

Building strong remote teams by improving communication and collaboration.

Design Thinking Course & Workshop


The basics, mindsets, process, and tools to solve challenges with design thinking.

Digital Strategy

Building your brand or product and promoting it on the digital channels while aligning your strategy with your overall business objectives. 

Scrum & Agile Methodologies


Overview of agile methodologies. Deep-dive into SCRUM artifacts, events, and personas.

Landing a job remotely


Explore all aspects of the hiring process to equip job seekers with the knowledge and skills needed to land their dream job remotely.

Formats We Deliver In

Online Sessions

We deliver trainings and moderate workshops through Zoom and use tools like Miro boards and Breakout Rooms to faciliate brainstorming and collaboration.

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Live Speaking

We believe in talks that inspire and inform, while providing our audience members with valuable insights and actionable ideas, online or in person.

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We organize live interactive webinars on specific topics and give the audience the chance to chat, vocalize opinions, ask questions and provide live feedback.
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We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analysing and improving their remote work processes. 

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Rituals are any activities or habits your team employs to foster culture, collaboration and connectivity. Click through to see our favourite rituals developed by Cosmic Centaurs and our community.