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Organizational Development

The future of work is  Omnichannel.

We help leaders and organizations adopt new working models to support their business goals, from strategy to completion. 

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Our Impact
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A more engaged workforce that is fulfilled at work and delivers real impact on the bottom line of organizations.

Develop empathic leaders that inspire and align

Improve recruitment, onboarding and retention

Upskill your workforce with the skills they need to operate in flexible settings

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Clarify your organizational culture and integrate it into every aspect of work

Engage your workforce around a share purpose and values

Streamline your internal comms

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Set up an org. structure that is aligned with your business' growth strategy 

Create internal clarity on roles and responsibilities

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Improve team collaboration & communication

Increase agility by changing mindsets and improving processes

Make institutional knowledge explicit through great documentation

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Understand, measure and improve productivity

Choose and implement great technology that is utilized by all

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Our Approach
We follow a 4 step process that goes from insight, to action, to measurement


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During this discovery phase, we run our Omnichannel Organization™ assessment, a combination of surveys, in-depth interviews, archival audit, and secondary research.  Our goal is to understand your business and organizational goals and your teams' needs and aspirations.


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After presenting our assessment findings, we engage with stakeholders and team members to co-design the strategy and implementation plan, through a series of facilitated workshops and discussions. 


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This is where we take off our consultant hats and put on our project manager hats. Together with your team members we execute our plan in agile sprints, allowing us to deliver fast and iterate on our approach. 


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To wrap up the project, we measure the progress of your organization or team against our Omnichannel Organization Assessment™️ to show the impact of our work and ensure the new ways of working are adopted sustainably. 

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Case Study
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       We engaged Cosmic Centaurs to improve our hybrid working model, increase our team cohesion and help management measure the teams’ productivity and performance. They work swiftly, are holistic in their approach and are effective project managers, working hand-in-hand with our team to implement the changes they recommended

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Francis Van Acker

Co-Founder  & CEO DesignRepublic


improvement in connection & team collaboration


Increase in knowledge sharing & feedback opportunities

4.8/ 5

overall satisfaction with program experience &  outcomes

What is an Omnichannel Organization?
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Omnichannel experiences are used to drive rich and engaging user experiences across industries.  

The Omnichannel OrganizationⓇ allows you to engage and connect with your employees across all touchpoints, both physical and virtual, enabling them to seamlessly align with the organization’s goals while adding meaningful value, wherever they are.

How does the Omnichannel Organization Assesment™️ work?

Our proprietary assessment framework is based on a 5-level model that measure an organization’s ability to be truly omnichannel, supporting agile and flexible work. 

The 5 level model is inspired by the work of Matt Mullenweg, MobileCorp, and other thinkers and shapers in the field.

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