The Future of Work is the
Omnichannel Organization™️

A model for building organizational coherence across all employee touch points.

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Omnichannel experiences are used to drive rich and engaging user experiences across industries.  


The Omnichannel Organization™️ delivers a coherent experience for employees that extends across all touch points, physical and virtual, allowing them to seamlessly connect and align with the organization’s goals and add meaningful value wherever they are. 

Our Approach

A thinking and implementation partner for executives that want to build flexible and agile organizations.

Strategic: We partner with CxOs to help them rethink organizational strategy in alignment with business strategy. 


Holistic: We look at the impact of our interventions across all aspect of employee engagement and organizational strategy.

Iterative: We believe in implementing change hand in hand with our clients and we understand that change doesn't happen overnight. 

Empathic: Nothing inspires us more than the strength, resilience and imagination of our fellow humans. We live to design and build environments where they can thrive. 

Our Impact

A more engaged workforce that is fulfilled at work and delivers real impact on the bottom line of organizations.

We help you:
- Improve team collaboration & communication

- Understand, measure and improve productivity
- Make sensible well informed choices in creating flexible work environments and organizational structures

- Establish a diverse and inclusive culture leading to better recruitment and improved retention

- Develop empathic leaders that inspire and align
- Choose and implement great technology that is utilized by all, and truly augments the collective intelligence and output of your teams
- Become agile, by changing mindsets and improving processes

- Maintain innovation and creativity 

- Create a lasting impact on revenue and profitability

Our Services

Organizational Strategy
We work hand in hand with the CxOs and HR leaders of organizations to develop and implement relevant tailor-made flexible work and learning models for their company, while keeping organizational strategy aligned with business strategy. 

Omnichannel Organization   Implementation
Using our proprietary OmniChannel Organization™ model, we help organizations build and deliver a holistic experience for employees that extends across all company touch points, structures, and systems.

Technology Consulting and Implementation
We help organizations make the right tech investments to support flexible work models and offer training to ensure your teams gain the most value out of these technologies. 

Internal Communication
Consulting, strategy, leadership coaching, internal events, and content creation for effective distributed communication.

Training & Workshops
Designing and facilitating workshops and training sessions for teams or classes. We cover everything from technology training to skillset development to team building to board meeting facilitation.

Leadership Coaching
We work with a network of coaches to help our clients develop the leadership skill sets they need  to effectively lead, manage and inspire in a flexible work setting.

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We have developed resources & insights to support individuals, teams and companies in understanding, analysing and improving their remote work processes. 

Ritual Bank

Rituals are any activities or habits your team employs to foster culture, collaboration and connectivity. Click through to see our favourite rituals developed by Cosmic Centaurs and our community.