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12 Organizations to Donate to for Gaza

In the wake of the devastating war on Gaza, our hearts are heavy as we witness the profound human toll. Palestinians in Gaza are suffering incomprehensible levels of death, devastation, and displacement. The indiscriminate killings are callous and the conditions of those remaining in Gaza are inhumane.

In the face of such darkness, our resolve to bring light grows stronger, and it stirs a deep need to act. We consolidated a list of 12 trusted organizations you can donate to. If you feel the call to make a difference, join us in donating. This list spans five critical areas: aid relief, support for women, care for children, education for displaced students, and the crucial donation of e-SIMs.

Donate to provide Aid Relief

Gaza citizens are in need of medical and psychological support, but due to the blockade, few organizations are able to ensure their aid reaches the people of Gaza. Below are a few organizations you can donate to that have been able to overcome the aid restrictions:

Palestinian Red Crescent:

Donate to support Women in Gaza

There are around 73,000 Women in Gaza who are pregnant today, and many more are in need of reproductive health supplies. Below is where you can donate to provide supplies and care for women in Gaza.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA):

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP):

Donate to help Gaza’s Children

More than half (~1M) of the displaced Gaza citizens are children. Below are a few organizations you can donate to that provide aid, support, and supplies to children: UNRWA :

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund:

Donate an E-Sim

E-sims are the only way to stay connected amidst the connectivity and internet blackouts, consider purchasing an e-sim for Gaza. Gaza eSims:

Support Displaced Students No schools are currently operational in Gaza, and several of our Cosmic Centaurs Fund beneficiaries living in Gaza have lost their source of financial support to further their education and (re)enter the workforce.

Every donation counts and no amount is too small. You can also check if your company does donation matching to double the impact. Together, we can extend a helping hand to those impacted by the war on Gaza and make a meaningful difference in their lives.


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