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3 Ways Aion Can Enhance Your Team Calls

The more team members know about each other, and the more they can understand one another, the better they perform.

We created Aion to help remote and hybrid team members learn more about each other’s lifestyles, personalities, and preferences, to increase their team connection and cohesion. With features such as mood sharing, the daily news, user profile questions, timezones, and the rituals feature, we developed the platform to enable team connection in a variety of ways.

We listed below 3 ways through which Aion can make your team calls more mindful, interesting, and/or fun, so you can connect better with your team.

1- Share your mood during stand-ups

Aion’s mood sharing feature can make your daily standups more mindful.

With remote work making it impossible to know how your coworkers are feeling without explicitly asking, the feature lets everyone be on the same page.

Whoever is leading the standup call opens the platform, goes through the mood chart, and asks each person why they logged a certain mood. Of course, if one does not feel comfortable disclosing why they feel a certain way, there is no pressure on them to share or explain every single detail. Compassion is key!

This feature allowed us to learn a lot about each other’s lives. One of our Senior Consultants, Tala, actually announced her pregnancy using the pregnant emoji on Aion!

2- Stay up to date with team members’ local news

Aion can enhance your daily standup call in another way. If your team is geographically distributed, the person leading the standup can check the daily news section on Aion, and ask team members about the events happening where they’re located. This will not only give people the opportunity to talk about things that affect them and those around them, but also to learn more about different cultures.

Since many of our team members are located in Lebanon - a country that has been unstable for years - the feature allows us to stay up to date with what’s happening there, and to be more considerate when the situation is worsening.

3- Have fun conversations during team time

Aion’s user profiles can make your team time more fun! Simply pick a question from the user profile section (which your team hasn’t answered yet), and prompt them to answer during the call. This will facilitate conversations in the team, and help you learn more about each other's interests and preferences.

Every week, we add a new prompt, so you will never miss out on a new conversation topic!

Sign up to Aion today for free, and step your team calls up a notch.


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