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3 Ways Aion Can Help Teams During Ramadan (&Eid!)

Ramadan is a unique time of the year when Muslims around the world observe fasting from sunrise to sunset. Given that Ramadan follows the lunar calendar, the times to break your fast at sunset are different all around the world. This can impact an employee's working hours, energy levels, and overall team dynamics and workflows.

In this article, we listed how Aion can help teams be flexible and empathic during Ramadan and the Eid holidays at the end of the month, as well as to build meaningful connections.

1. Communicate Working Hours & Holidays

During Ramadan, some team members may seek a different working schedule. Through Aion’s Working Hours feature, team members can amend their working hours so everyone else knows when they are available. This will make it much easier for other team members to schedule their meetings accordingly.

This is even more useful for distributed teams with members scattered across different locations and time zones. Through Aion’s Timezones feature, team members can mark themselves as unavailable during Iftar and Sohour times which are unique to their locations as well as when they plan to take time off for Eid.

2. Share moods and emotions

Ramadan is a time where people may express many different types of emotions: gratitude, excitement, happiness, and even fatigue! The Aion Daily Mood Tracker creates the opportunity for teams to share their feelings and learn about how each team member practices traditions, and observes the month. By creating this empathy, teams can build stronger bonds and update their ways of working accordingly...

3. Learn about each other’s traditions

Holidays are a great opportunity to learn about other team members' cultural backgrounds, traditions, and rituals they celebrate. Aion’s User Profile feature has a list of questions that are great to find commonalities between you and your team members and learn more about each other. A few examples include: What holidays do you celebrate? What do you like to do in your time off? How are you celebrating Valentine's day? (for example) and What gift would you like to receive?

This Ramadan, we hope that Aion will allow you to learn more about each other’s rituals and traditions, better navigate work schedules and timezone differences, and build flexible, high-performing, and happier teams.

If you haven’t yet, sign up to Aion, and invite your team members today!


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