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Connect with your team members with Aion’s user profiles

We recently launched a new feature on Aion, user profiles. As their name suggests, user profiles include “profile” information about team members, such as the specific teams they work in, the skills they are good at, what tools they can help team members with, but more importantly they encourage and enable team members to share other aspects of who they are.

Fun Fact: 79% of Cosmic Centaurs’ Future of Teams survey respondents reported that knowing more personal information about their team members, encourages them to be more open and share both personal and professional updates.

How did we get the idea?

We got the idea for the user profile feature from our work with one of our consulting clients. A global distributed team we worked with felt disconnected from each other during the pandemic, even though some of them had been working together for 6-7 years they felt that there was a lot they didn’t know about their colleagues. They also wanted to identify the projects, skills and tools that members of their team could help out with, so they would know who to reach out to.

We created an employee directory on Google Drive, and the data we collected was categorized as follows:

Our goal was to increase the knowledge that team members had about each other, and facilitate collaboration.

For example, if you know that someone speaks a certain language, and you are launching a campaign in that language, you can easily ask them to give it a review. Or if you needed help with a certain tool, for example Google sheets, you would know exactly who to reach out to for a tutorial.

People eventually started commenting on each other’s inputs highlighting a shared passion or celebrating upcoming personal milestones… This brought us and the team we were helping joy and we decided we wanted more teams to be able to experience this, so we added this feature to Aion.

What does the Aion user profile feature look like?

The user profile section on Aion includes different subcategories, in order for team members to get to know each other on different levels.

The About Me section includes all the basics about yourself - the essentials your team members should know.

Work Time is all about how you work, and how you contribute to the team.

What If… allows you to see how different team members would react to hypothetical situations.

Story Time is all about learning about each other's lives and backgrounds outside of work.

How’s Work facilitates feedback sharing in teams, to help everyone do their best work.

How can user profiles help?

By using Aion’s new profiles, you can improve collaboration, mutual knowledge and team connectedness, all of which have a positive impact on the team’s performance and happiness.

User profiles can also help on other levels. For example, they can make onboarding new team members and getting them plugged into the team culture a lot easier.

The feature also offers opportunities for giving recognition, through questions such as “Who is someone you look up to at work?”, and “Think of a company value and tell us about a time when you saw a teammate live up to it.”

About Aion:

Aion is our tool for remote team members to better connect with their coworkers. The platform can help team members in a variety of ways, from mood sharing that allows for more mindful communication and check ins, setting working hours with a timezone view that facilitate meeting scheduling, and daily news of each team member’s location, to learn more about each other’s context.

Sign up to Aion for free here, and discover the user profile feature to take your remote team connection to the next level.


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