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Celebrating our 4-Year Anniversary with our Community of Superheros

Cosmic Centaurs celebrated its 4-year anniversary , and this year, we wanted to honor the extraordinary people and leaders in our community.  

We hosted our anniversary event in Al-Safa Library, surrounding by 50 members of our community including partners, friends, families, and their little ones. Here's a glimpse into what we had in store: 📚 Book Drive: We asked attendees to bring their old books to donate to Bookends. Together, we collected 120+ book donations!

🌟 Memorable Conversations: We had some remarkable conversations with all members of our community, talking more about the past year, the superhero in our lives, and what we have in store for Year for, or #TheYearOfMore as we like to call it.

🎨 Creative Activities for Kids: The young superheroes of our community had plenty of activities around each of the superpowers. From creative mask-making to exercising holistic thinking with Jenga, to practicing tenacity with wall-sits, we had an activity for each of our superpowers. The energy in the Library was contagious! We're very thankful to everyone who came and to our amazing community of superheroes.

We have chosen not to publicly share any photos that show kids. Should you wish to find photos of your kids, please reach out to us and we’ll send you a link to our Google Drive.


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