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Centaur Stage Season 3 Episode 3: When Innovation Goes Wrong: Kodak's Untold Digital Camera Story

In the 3rd season of Centaur Stage, Marilyn Zakhour, Founder & CEO of Cosmic Centaurs, is narrating stories of how companies succeeded or failed by showing how their leaders leveraged their organizations in delivering on their strategies (or failed to).

In 1975, Kodak engineer Steven Sasson unveiled the world's first digital camera—a momentous leap forward for the industry. How did Kodak end up filing for bankruptcy in 2012?

In this 3rd episode of Centaur Stage Season 3, Marilyn shared the story of how Kodak faltered in leveraging their own innovation, and uncovers the invaluable lessons we can learn from their critical missteps.

Watch the video below, or listen to the podcast.


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