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Marilyn Zakhour on The Workshops Work Podcast with Myriam Hadnes: Facilitation Beyond The Workshop

Cosmic Centaurs CEO & Founder, Marilyn Zakhour, spoke on Myriam Hadnes’ podcast, Workshops Work on episode 13: Facilitation Beyond the Workshop. In this episode, Marilyn and Myriam discussed what successful teams will look like in the future of work, how consulting is changing, and how businesses can improve their knowledge management.

Marilyn explored the following points:

  • Why consultancy is increasingly about change and project management.

  • How the best remote teams embrace newness, rather than replicate tradition.

  • Why context is an essential precursor to outcomes in a workshop.

  • What happens when participants hear you use buzzwords and acronyms.

  • How Marilyn designs her workshop debriefs to encourage long-lasting behavioral change.

  • What great information management looks like in businesses (including facilitation ones!)

Watch the full episode here.

For many more podcast episodes about workshops and the art of facilitation, check out Workshops.Work here!


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