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Donate to Sudan: 11 Organizations Providing Aid

In our recent articles, we shared more about why we are spending the last few weeks of 2023 helping leaders and organizations 'Make it Count'. In these pieces, we outline how making it count is about the importance of human connection, well-being, the power of community, and the collective impact we can create by giving back. We shared the causes important to our team members, highlighting ways to contribute to each, including a special feature on ways to support Gaza.

It would be remiss not to mention war in Sudan which has left over 7 million people hungry, and 4.5 million displaced. If you feel moved to help relieve this humanitarian crisis in Sudan, here are 11 reputable organizations you can donate to.

Donate for Children

The number of children in need of humanitarian assistance in Sudan increased from 8.5 million in December 2022 to 14 million in August 2023.  Below is where you can donate to provide supplies and care for children in Gaza.

Help Evacuate a Family

Many families are forcibly displaced, and many have to escape the war. Below is a fund set up to help a family escape the war:

Gofundme - Sudanese family struggling to escape the War:

Donate for Women

Wars rob women of their safety, and many are subjected to various forms of violence that have lasting effects. Below is where you can donate to provide aid to women in Sudan: UNFPA:

Women's Education Partnership: SIHA Network:

Donate for Refugees

Up to 300,000 Sudanese people are expected to cross the Egyptian border, which causes a rising need for assistance and funding. Below is a crowd-fund set up to provide supplies to refugees in Cairo & broader Egypt: Cairo Sudan Aid:

Support Education Sudan has 8.1 million K-12 students, and 653,000 tertiary-level students, which creates high demand for quality educational services. Below is where you can donate to help support education in Sudan.

Global Partnership for Education:

Donating to reputable aid organizations helps provide vital assistance such as food, medical care, supplies, and hope. No matter the amount, each contribution makes a difference in saving lives. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and support the Sudanese people.


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