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4 Essential Miro Templates

One tool we regularly use for workshops, brainstorms, and other collaborative sessions is Miro - a virtual whiteboard designed for users to collaborate and share ideas. While we love working off a blank Miro canvas to create, we also believe in the power of efficiency and often refer to Miro’s extensive library of templates to facilitate and visualize our work. Finding the right template can be time-consuming, so we’re sharing 4 of our favorite ones and how you can use them.

1. Retrospectives

Reflection, self-evaluation, and feedback are important factors for effective and thriving teams. In fact, hosting retrospectives allows individuals and teams to assess themselves, and identify what is reducing and enhancing their productivity, performance, team unity, engagement, and overall culture.

For that, our go-to format is the Start, Stop, Continue Retrospective Template. It is a board designed to help you structure your feedback sessions in actionable points that encourage change. We recommend you decide on a topic for the session (e.g.: retrospective on your last sprint, or last month, or a recent campaign) and think carefully about what you need to stop, start, and continue doing based on your performance.

Retrospectives template on Miro

2. 5 Whys

Oftentimes, we mix identifying the root problem with identifying a symptom of it. That’s why we need to dig deeper and uncover the underlying factors.

For this reason, The 5 Whys Template from Miro is the right brainstorming tool. It provides a structured approach to problem analysis and encourages critical thinking. It helps you identify the root causes of problems or find your utmost purpose by asking yourself why until you narrow in on one key idea.

5 Whys Miro Template

3. User persona

User persona templates are a widely used tool when user-centric design is applied. User personas foster empathy and understanding by providing detailed profiles that help align cross-functional teams, serving as a shared reference point. By using user personas, teams can make informed decisions that meet the needs and preferences of their target audience.

We found the perfect Miro template to help you lay out your personas. The Buyer Persona Template is a great tool for representing your personas. You can run an exercise with your team to identify them and then use it as your point of reference.

User Personas Miro Template

4. Hybrid Culture Canvas

Organizations with strong cultures aligned to their business strategies are 14x more likely to outperform their competitors. This is because a strong culture links the organization's values and beliefs with achieving goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page. When this happens, employees can concentrate on their work and collaborate effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Hybrid Culture Canvas helps you document your culture, making what is often implicit explicit. We usually use the Culture Canvas by Fearless Culture but, since it’s not available on Miro you can use this one instead.

Hybrid Culture Canvas Template on Miro

We hope you find the above templates useful. We recommend you visit the Miro library to discover other templates that you might need and save yourself time and effort.

If you want help in facilitating a team workshop or training, book a one-on-one consultation here. You can also download our training catalog.


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