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FAQs: Cosmic Conversations for Families

Cosmic Conversations for Families is the latest edition of our prompt card game series Cosmic Conversation. This version is designed to help you build bonds with the first team you are ever part of: your family.

To learn more about Cosmic Conversations for Families, check out some of our most frequently asked questions below:

1. What is Cosmic Conversations for Families?

Cosmic Conversations is a game designed to spark compelling conversations as a family. Each of the 52 prompts & 6 activities will help you discover more about your family members, spend quality time together, and leave you feeling connected.

2. Who is this game for?

It’s for families, friends, and kids who are ages 6 and above.

3. What is the inspiration behind it?

We spend a lot of time at Cosmic Centaurs studying and building what makes teams happy and high performing. Family is the first and ultimate team. We set out to apply the principles of high performing teams at work, to helping families build stronger bonds and connections.

Why? Because we know that when you show up to work, you come as your whole self. If we can help parents feel more fulfilled at home, they will in turn be more fulfilled, present, and create more value at work.

4. Where can I buy Cosmic Conversations for Families?

If you're in the UAE, you can order a deck today from Joi Gifts. If you are outside the UAE, or for bulk orders, contact us.

5. How many prompts and themes are there?

The game has 52 prompts, 4 key themes and 6 activity cards


  • Heroic Humans - explore the power of values as a family.

  • Character Chronicles - unpack personal stories and lessons learned.

  • Whimsical Worlds - embark on imaginative journeys together.

  • Power Pack - ignites the potential of your family unit.

Activity Cards - helps you run family activities to mark milestones and occasions.

6. What are some ways to play it?

There are no shortage of ways you an play Cosmic Conversations for Families! It’s not a coincidence that the number of cards is the same number of weeks in the year. You can choose to pick up one card at the beginning or end of every week. Or, you can single out categories. There are several different ways to play it, here are a few ideas:

🍛 At dinner time: Answer one or more questions over a shared meal. Spark meaningful discussions, create an atmosphere of warmth and connection, and keep children and adults away from screens.

🚗 During a long car drive or road trip: Travel time carves out a unique opportunity for uninterrupted conversations during long journeys.

🎂 For a family member’s birthday: Make someone’s birthday even more extraordinary with the power of heartfelt conversations.

🏖️ During family vacations: Whether it's a beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or exploring a new city, use the downtime to connect, reflect, and learn more about each other.

📆 Sunday activity: Mark your calendars every 8 weeks and set a Sunday Ritual. There are 6 activity cards and every 8 or so weeks you can dedicate time to doing one as a family together. You can plan them in advance, or be spontaneous and let the cards decide for you.

7. How can it increase the quality of my work-life?

According to HBR (and plenty of other research) having more fulfilling relationships can actually make you happier at work. When you feel whole and complete at home, and feel well connected to your family, you bring that energy with you into work. Cosmic Conversations is a tool to help you build the bonds and strengthen connections in your relationships outside of work.

For team building or to improve your relationships at work, check out Cosmic Conversations for Teams.

8. Are there other editions of Cosmic Conversations?

Yes! Cosmic Conversations for Teams is our first edition of this prompt card game, designed to help build happier and high-performing teams. It has both a physical and a digital version which you can subscribe to.

You can learn more about Cosmic Conversations for Families, or place your order here.


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