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Marilyn Zakhour on the Dare to Scale show

Cosmic Centaurs CEO & Founder Marilyn Zakhour was hosted on the Masters’ Spotlight series by Warsha Joshi & Evan Le Clus on the Dare to Scale show. Marilyn shares with the listeners her captivating story of starting Cosmic Centaurs during the height of the pandemic and she has infused her passion for collaboration, innovation, and creativity, along with her vision to empower teams across the world into her business.

Some Episode Highlights:

  • 04:49 Why collaboration and synergy matter so much in a business.

  • 14:52 Marilyn beautifully describes what disruption means to her

  • 40:04 The vision for Cosmic Centaurs and for her ‘I dare’ statement

Listen to the full episode here.


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