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Music to work to according to the Future of Teams Cosmic Conference Speakers

Cosmic Centaurs hosted the second annual edition of the Cosmic Conference, focused on the Future of Teams. Be it the valuable insights shared by our speakers, their sense of humor, their books and music recommendations or the audience engagement, the spirit and energy of the 3-day virtual event was truly contagious.

In every session, we asked our speakers to share what music they listen to while working. These ‘rapid fire’ responses were a lot of fun and as promised, we are sharing their music recommendations so you can get inspired and work to some awesome tunes.

🎶 Old school & classics

If you're a fan of old school and classical music, here is what our speakers recommended:

Our keynote speaker, Mark Mortensen, enjoys listening to Blues rock and Choral genres. He recommends Carmina Burana by Carl Orff and Rita Mae Young by The Record Company.

Jose Santos, one of our Debate MVPs, loves French songs from the sixties and seventies. C'est intéressant!

Dr. Vinika Rao likes classical movie theme songs and specifically enjoys playing Don’t Worry Be Happy with her team.

💭If lyrics distract you...

If you’re like Shayne Smart, Liam Martin, Paul McKinlay, Tom Marsden, Evelyn Tan and Noor Al Khatib who enjoy working to music without lyrics, then these suggestions are right for you:

Shayne Smart gave us a quick answer - he immediately recommended Yotto-Hyperfall

Liam Martin just prefers anything without lyrics , we really like Cordon Bleu by Griz

Paul McKinlay enjoys sounds of the Amazon to play in the background while doing deep work

Tom Marsden also enjoys the sound of nature especially rainfall and birds’ chirping

Evelyn Tan listens to FKJ new EP: Ylang Ylang

Noor Al Khatib also recommends a bit of the classics, she listens to the cello or any other instrumental music

💥If POP music is your to go

If you’re a POP lover, then you will likely want to check out Madiha and Marilyn’s recommendations:

Madiha Naz plays to Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa’s songs

Marilyn Zakhour: The Homecoming album by Beyonce energizes her for whatever task she is tackling

🎷If you are a jazz lover

If you like Jazz music, then you share this love with Dr. Augustin Chevez! We jazz-loving Centaurs happen to listen to: Equinox by John Coltrane

👟For the Hip Hop & Rap fans

Isaac is also a big fan of Hip Hop and RAP. If you want to get motivated and energized he plays Drake while getting in the zone.

🎸Is ROCK N ROLL your thing?

From racing, to rugby, to doing epic work, Sami Moutran’s go to is Thunderstruck by AC/DC ROCK

Where to listen?

To make it easy for you to listen to the above suggestions, we curated a playlist on our YouTube channel here.

Enjoy the music, move to the beats and do some extraordinary work!

You can rewatch the sessions of the Future of Teams Conference on the links below:

Day 1

Session 1 - Unpacking the Challenges of Hybrid Teams

Session 2 - What We Can Learn From (e)Sports Teams

Day 2

Session 3 - Internal Communications in Distributed Organizations

Session 4 - The Impact of Workspaces on Collaboration

Session 5 - Managing Diversity in Distributed Teams

Session 6 - Debate: Are Remote Teams Better?

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