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On-Demand Webinar: Purpose, Profits & Parents

Most women perform a substantially greater amount of household chores and childcare responsibilities than men do. This disparity is so significant that women who work full-time are often described as working a "double shift."

And yet, many studies show that the “Motherhood penalty” is very real. It’s a term that refers to the variety of disadvantages working mothers face, such as lower salaries, and higher chances of rejected job applications.

In fact, women’s incomes drop by around 30% after giving birth for the first time, and never catch up, according to research by Bright Horizons. On the other hand, men get a bump in pay, once they are fathers. So it’s not surprising that while 75% of expecting moms say they plan to go back to work after giving birth, 43% of them end up leaving the workforce.

This Mother's Day, we explored how to create inclusive workplaces for mothers, fathers, (and expecting parents).

Watch the video below for a discussion between Elizabeth Sen, Executive Director – MENA Gender Practice & Marketing Lead APCO Worldwide Dubai, & our very own CEO & Founder Marilyn Zakhour.


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