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Podcast: How top companies think about change on Business Extra

Companies in the UAE have been turning to us to navigate fast-changing times. We help employers design and implement new ways of working to increase returns while boosting employee happiness.

How do we do it? What are the issues companies are bringing to the table? In what ways are typically sidelined groups - minorities, women, young and old - brought along amid change?

Our CEO & Founder Marilyn Zakhour spoke on The National’s Business Extra Podcast with Kelsey Warner about all of these topics.

  • Why companies hire outside help to make change (0m 24s)

  • Employer vs employee interests (5m 34s)

  • The leap from corporate life to start-up founder (10m 52s)

  • Preparing employers for the AI age (18 30s)

  • Supporting women in the workplace (20m 40s)


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