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The Future of Teams Report Chapter 1.: Mutual, Relational, & Connected Teams

The Future of Teams report is a research project by Cosmic Centaurs, which began at the launch of the #FutureOfTeams Conference in July 2021. Based on the responses of the 300+ participants in our #FutureOfTeams Survey and relying on insights from academic literature and industry experts, we put together several recommendations to help your team develop into a healthier, happier, safer, and more connected team.

The first chapter of the Future of Teams report: Mutual, Relational, & Connected Teams, is now available to download!

In this first chapter, we share our findings about mutual knowledge, interpersonal connections, and effective communication, as well as practices to improve those areas in your team.

This topic is the first chapter of our report for a good reason: connection and positive relations in teams can be the secret sauce to its high performance. Positive relations between team members also improve the outcome of difficult conversations, create inclusion at work, increase trust and respect, and allow team members to learn from successes and mistakes together; all of which leads to greater psychological safety.

Hybrid and remote work are often barriers to developing those connections at work, and so it’s necessary for team leaders to take the steps to improve connection and communication in their teams.

Download the Future of Teams Report Chapter 1: Mutual, Relational, & Connected Teams here.

The next chapters of the Future of Teams report cover Team Identification, Psychological Safety, and Happiness at Work. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter here!


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