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Webinar: 3 Frameworks for Effectiveness in a Distributed Setting

The global pandemic accelerated digital transformation across all industries and geographies, forcing all of us to work from home. While startups, tech companies, or multinational companies were built to support this working model, it can be daunting for the rest of us. Marilyn Zakhour, Cosmic Centaurs Founder & CEO, has managed virtual teams distributed across 3 continents and with a 10 hour time difference between team members.

During this webinar, she goes over a few topics that are essential to building and taking part in efficient virtual teams. She discusses 3 topics, from the more “individualistic” to the more “organizational”:

  • Workspace & Time Management: The Time & Place Boundaries (download the worksheet here)

  • Choosing the Right Tools & Processes: Asynchronous vs Synchronous Communication (download the worksheet here)

  • Team & Culture Building Remotely: The Importance of Rituals (download the worksheet here)

To watch the webinar, you can access the recording here.


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