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What Does It Take To Build Parent-Friendly Workplaces?

Did you know that flexible working options are important to 90% of the UAE workforce (Cisco Hybrid Work Report 2022)?

The ability to focus on both parenting and your career shouldn’t be the exception to the rule, and an increasing number of employees are taking it seriously.

The Parent-friendly Label™ (PFL), a voluntary workplace award program from the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, provides a range of criteria organizations in the UAE can adopt to be recognized and awarded for parent-friendly policies and practices.

Layla Yousef Al Hassan, Organizational Culture Advisor at the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, joined Marilyn Zakhour, CEO & Founder at Cosmic Centaurs, on a webinar all about the Parent-friendly Label, the impact it will have on organizations and employees in the UAE, and the importance of flexible, inclusive workplaces.

Watch the full session below.

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