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11 Essential Books for Strategy Execution

This year, the 2023 #CosmicConference was all about strategy execution and helping organizations deliver on their strategies. From October 6 to November 11, we hosted 12 virtual sessions and 4 in-person events across 2 countries. 17 incredible speakers joined us to share their perspectives on 5 topics: strategy execution, scaling, capability development, transformation, and restructuring

One ritual we do every Cosmic Conference is the rapid-fire questions and this is one of the things we asked our speakers this year:

What is the book about strategy or strategy execution every leader should read today?”

Here’s what our speakers had to say:

Mihai Ionescu: Zone to Win by Jeffrey Moore & The Execution Premium by Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton.

Patrick Flesner: Turn This Ship Around by David Marquette.

Richard Fitzgerald: Every Town is a Sports Town by Donald T. Phillips and George Bodenheimer

Wissam Adib: Managing Transitions by William Bridges

Belen Settembri: Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead by Karen Kimsey-House & Henry Kimsey-House.

Soussane Chartouny: The Art of War by San Tzu

Christiane Mueck: Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant and the Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. 

Jose Santos: Books by Henry Mintzberg and Brian Arthur from the Institute. 

Make sure to grab your highlighters (or e-reader) and add these insightful titles to your reading list!

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