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What are the Essential Leadership Qualities for Strategy Execution?

This year, the 2023 #CosmicConference was all about helping leaders deliver and execute their strategy. From October 6 to November 11, we hosted 12 virtual sessions and 4 in-person events across 2 countries. 17 incredible speakers joined us to share their perspectives on 5 topics: strategy execution, scaling, capability development, transformation, and restructuring

Every year we wrap up our Cosmic Conference live sessions with a series of rapid-fire questions for our speakers. This year, one of the questions we asked each of our guests to answer the following question: 

“What is the one leadership quality that is most needed to improve an organization’s ability to deliver on its strategy? 

Here’s what each of our speakers had to say:

Nisrine Khoury: building connections that are intentional

Edmond Tehini: transparency and honesty

Katarina Hasbani: opening people’s horizons to something new

Mihai Ionescu: communication

Patrick Flesner: growth mindset 

Richard Fitzgerald: resilience, commitment, adaptability 

Fahad Habib: communication 

Wissam Adib: self-awareness

Belen Settembri: Asking better questions and be ready to listen (intuition, authenticity, active listening)

Soussane Chartouny: communication & the willingness to grow

Christiane Mueck: agility & authenticity

Rabih Brair: the ability to recognize a gap and seek support in filling that gap

Alex Damouni: matching tasks with skills

Jose Santos: the ability to cope with uncertainty and absorb it

Rather than a singular formula, success in strategy execution lies in weaving together these varied traits. In the ever-evolving organizational landscape, leaders can draw strength from the synergy of communication, authenticity, and continual growth.

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