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Holding Yourself Accountable for your New Year Resolutions

5 Tips & 1 Template To Set & Stick to your 2023 Resolutions

As the year comes to an end, most people are reflecting on how to set themselves up for success, and are preparing a list of new year’s resolutions. While it’s not uncommon to have goals for the next year, only 64% of people manage to keep their resolutions. This happens usually because of a lack of direction or clear plan.

Improving your work and career is one type of resolution people set. If you want to improve your skills and performance at work, we created this template and shared some tips to help you plan out your resolutions, and commit to them.


Go over this list of tips while you’re thinking about what resolutions to set:

1. Don’t set more than 5 resolutions

When you’re setting your goals, don’t shy away from challenging yourself, but make sure you are realistic. Limit your focus to a maximum of 5 resolutions that you know are attainable. Think about where you want to be at the end of the year, and work backwards to know what goals to set, so you can figure out what you need to get there.

2. Use the SMART approach in setting your goals

Using the SMART approach will help you formulate your objectives in a way that helps you hold yourself accountable. When your goals are specific and measurable, you are more likely to know how to get there.

3. Share it with your colleagues

65% of people are more likely to meet a goal after making a commitment to someone else. That’s why we recommend you share your new year’s resolutions with coworkers, and discuss them every now and then.

4. Update your goals

There is nothing wrong with updating your new year’s resolutions or goals. It doesn't have to wait for the following year. You might have been overly ambitious or unaware of some factors affecting your ability to achieve your goals, or you might have had a change of direction. That’s why we encourage you to revisit your resolutions once a quarter and assess where you did succeed, and where you didn’t. Using the SMART approach we recommended above makes updating them easier.

5. Use our template

We provided you with a template to list your resolutions and detail the steps to achieve them. This way, once you have set your resolutions, you will have small actionable goals that help you work towards them. Download the template here.


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