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Revolution & Reckoning: The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn at Nissan Centaur Stage Season 3 Episode 6

In the 3rd season of Centaur Stage, Marilyn Zakhour, Founder & CEO of Cosmic Centaurs, is narrating stories of how companies succeeded or failed by showing how their leaders leveraged their organizations in delivering on their strategies (or failed to).

Carlos Ghosn, a Brazilian-born, Lebanese- and French-educated engineer, took charge of restructuring a failing Nissan in 1999.

His Rise:

🎖️ He was recognized for his extraordinary contributions and awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal in 2004

His Fall:

💼 In 2018, Ghosn faced allegations of under-reporting his salary and misuse of company assets, leading to his arrest.

💳 Two months prior to the recording of this episode, Ghosn sued Nissan and other entities for $1 billion, accusing them of crimes including defamation and fabrication of evidence.

In our latest episode of Centaur Stage Season 3, we explore the fascinating story of Nissan - watch the video below, or tune in to our podcast to learn all about it.


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