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The Cosmic Centaurs Fund: Support Digital Inclusion for Women in Lebanon

For most of my childhood, my mother, Antoinette Tayar, held down two jobs, as the IT Manager of 2 different banks. On many days, she would leave the house before my brother and I had awoken, and she would return after we had gone to bed.

Despite this, we always felt loved. When she was with us, she was fully present, and my memories mostly revolve around games, food, and laughter. I also very fondly remember our 486 computer. It had DOS installed, and 'snake', which we would play for hours on end.

I was lucky to have a mom who strived to be the best version of herself, and make us the best version of ourselves. In her own way she was a pioneer. A free spirit, who uncovered the power of technology back when computers were rooms, and brought us up to be ethical, & hard working humans, without any concern for gender or society.

She is the inspiration behind the Cosmic Centaurs Fund, powered by edSeed. This fund supports digital inclusion for women in Lebanon. All donations will be distributed by edSeed to organizations on the ground, helping women in Lebanon to (re)enter the workforce.

I am so grateful to Rama Chakaki, another inspirational mom, and her team for helping us establish this fund and supporting on the ground.

To donate please follow this link.


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