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Tools that Power Remote Work | Webinar with Bloom

Cosmic Centaurs Founder & CEO, Marilyn Zakhour, was invited by Bloom to take part in their Lebanon Growth Accelerator program, and talk about the future of work, how to think about remote work and new mindsets for new ways of working. Marilyn presented The Remote Work Manifesto, talked about the top 3 quick wins you can bring to your virtual team today: Asynchronous communication, Weekly reviews and Team rituals. She ended her talk with the mindsets we need to be successful in remote work (and in life) which are: Empathy, Collaboration and Iteration.

Read all about it in this article on Bloom's website.

About Bloom

Bloom is an inititiave which mission is to help build positive, inclusive, and sustainable communities and economies by making world class entrepreneurship education and support universally available. Bloom runs programs and provides tools to improve entrepreneurship and enterprise support, with a focus on social enterprises and small businesses in the MENA region.


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