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What is a Great Strategy?

This year, the 2023 #CosmicConference was all about strategy execution. From October 6 to November 11, we hosted 12 virtual sessions and 4 in-person events across 2 countries. 17 incredible speakers joined us to share their perspectives on 5 topics: strategy execution, scaling, capability development, transformation, and restructuring

We like wrapping up all our Cosmic Conference sessions with a series of rapid-fire questions. This year, we asked them to complete this sentence:

Great strategy is…”

Here's what our speakers think:

Mihai Ionescu: An Adaptive Strategy 

Patrick Flesner: A strategy that leads to a great outcome

Richard Fitzgerald: Something that works

Fahad Habib: A strategy that you can do right

Wissam Adib: Not a document that you prepare behind closed doors, but something that creates space for people to talk to each other, to set a future direction together.

Belen Settembri: Asking better questions and being ready to listen

Soussane Chartouny: A strategy with execution and tactics

Christiane Mueck: One that can be implemented

Jose Santos: One that can change the world

Rabih Brair & Alex Damouni: sustainable & implementable 

Many factors shape a great strategy, but at the end of the day, it requires an adaptive vision, clear execution, and empowering people to drive positive change.

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