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Developing Organizational Resilience & Leadership in a Prolonged Crisis

What does it mean to lead an organization through a crisis that is not fleeting?

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that not all crises are ‘acute’ or fleeting. In fact,

prolonged crises have lasting impacts on a business that require much more than

‘mitigation’ or ‘management’. Rather, these crises call for new mindsets, new ways of

working and new approaches to leadership. In this webinar, we explored organizational

resilience, in the applied form of case studies, frameworks and tools. This webinar was presented by Cosmic Centaurs Founder & CEO, Marilyn Zakhour, She was joined by Liesbeth Schiavo, who shared about her experience as People & Culture Director of Securitas, how they practically applied some of these approaches during the crisis, and what they learned from this past year.

This webinar was organized by Cosmic Centaurs in partnership with global executive search firm SpenglerFox .


Marilyn Zakhour

Founder & CEO at Cosmic Centaurs

Marilyn Zakhour is the CEO & Founder of Cosmic Centaurs a company that helps leaders and organizations adapt to the new ways of work in the emerging post-pandemic world. For executives who are looking for thinking partners, companies permanently shifting to flexible work models, and teams adjusting to remote-friendly ways of working, Cosmic Centaurs offers consulting, training, insights, and technology recommendations to enable collaboration, resilience, and innovation. Marilyn has experience in organizations of all sizes and knows how to bring the agility of small startups to big corporations. Previously Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, and Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn holds an executive MBA from INSEAD. She has also spent 10 years in the startup world, building and running digital native companies.

Liesbeth Schiavo

People & Culture Director of Securitas

Liesbeth is the director of people & culture at Securitas, a leading international company in security services. Liesbeth is based in the UAE and has been in the region for 14 years covering leading roles in HR, Business Development and Key Account Management


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