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Key Insights & Takeaways From the HBR Roundtable: Measuring The Employee Experience

What does it take for your employees to perform at their best?

In January 2023, 16 exceptional leaders joined us for a roundtable all about Employee Experience and People Analytics at Alsafa Art & Design Library in Dubai.

Together, we explored how to design a lean approach to collecting data about employees' needs and preferences, and using the findings to unlock performance and boost engagement through data and analytics.

We focused on:

  • How to develop a streamlined and straightforward approach to collecting data on employee needs, to maximize organizational value.

  • How to utilize customer experience research tools to enhance the employee experience, based on the Harvard Business Review article co-written by our CEO and Founder Marilyn and Professor Mark Mortensen, INSEAD Professor and owner of GlobalWorks Consulting: "To Craft a Better Employee Experience, Collect the Right Data."

  • The substantial impact that a positive employee experience can have on driving business success.

Thank you Hadeel Bani Hani, Jennifer Hamdan, Camille Mallat, Ramy Jallad, Aysha Sulaiman, Fairouz (Fay) Oulad, Abdul Rahim Al Moustapha, Chrisyle Susan Antony, Anneliese Moffitt, Elie Milan, Dr. Christiane Mueck, Hadi Kabalan, Rhea Chedid, Tanya Haroun, Killian Fitzgerald, and Maysoon Dababneh for joining us.

We summarized all their insights and perspectives (and some of our own) on people analytics and the employee experience in a PDF. The document begins by covering measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, then outlines actionable initiatives, and ends with a summary of the participants' final thoughts on the subject.


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